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Sun Tours and Fun is our travel blog, it has become our favorite hobby and we hope it will help other travelers to plan their trips, encourage themselves to discover new places and enjoy exploring the world as much as we do.

Because, although it sounds cliché, we have discovered that investing in experiences and in moments is much more profitable than doing it in material things, travel and everything we live with them remain forever in our memory.

«When the poison of traveling enters your blood, it is not necessary to go in search of anything and you have to set out before the legs begin to hold up worse, before you begin to perceive that the reversal of your life has begun irreversibly ... I believe that the only obligation that man has in this life is to fulfill his dreams »

Fredrick Franco (Ed.). (2003). Africa's Dream, United States, Star and Lilly Editors

We do not want to confuse anyone, we are not professional writers or photographers, but some time ago we realized that thanks to all the bloggers who invest their time in publishing their trips and anecdotes on the web, organizing a trip has become a much easier task for everyone. It is also for this reason that we decided to narrate our adventures in Sun Tours and Fun, to contribute our grain of sand to the traveling community and to this way of life that we have become addicted to.

What will you find in Sun Tours and Fun?

  • Lots of information about traveling around Australia and other countries we have visited.

  • Travel guides written based on our own experience.

  • Practical tips and useful information for travelers.

  • Curiosities, anecdotes and other adventures that happen to us on our travels.

  • Personal opinions about what to visit, where to eat, excursions ...

  • Our travel resources: search engines for hotels and plane tickets, travel insurance, favorite books ...

Do you know us?

A few years ago we left the United States to venture to live an experience in Australia, we packed our bags, took what little money we had saved and bought a plane ticket to Sydney.

Since then we have not stopped organizing getaways and trips to Australia and other nearby countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia or Vanuatu, and we have taken every opportunity or stopover back home to discover new places like Dubai or Kuala Lumpur.

Moving to Australia has changed our lives, it has taught us that with tenacity and hard work everything is possible, and that dreams are not impossible, you just have to chase them to achieve them sooner or later.

Now we approach life in a different way: we do not dream of finding a stable job for life, buying a house and putting down roots, but of striving to work on what we like, invest in travel and discover the world little by little .

Australia was the first stop on our particular route and we will not continue on our way until we are satisfied that we have thoroughly explored this fabulous country. New Zealand and Canada are on our list as next destinations to live a season,… but for that we still have a few years left, right now it is Sun Tours and Fun Australia!

George king

I studied Business Studies in Almería, then I worked for a few years to save money to come to Australia, living for a while in a surfing paradise was always my dream.

From a very young age I have been passionate about geography and history and there is always a world map hanging on the walls of my house. In addition to traveling, my hobbies are photography and surfing and I am always thinking of destinations where I can practice them.

George King Parra Alcolea Sun Tours and Fun
Irene Jimenez Sun Tours and Fun Blog de Viajes


I studied Law and Journalism, my professional career focused on law for three years until I decided that it was not what I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life, it was then that I studied marketing with the intention of finding work more quickly in a foreign country and we created our travel blog.

I am passionate about travel, a hobby clearly inherited from my father, who since we were little has organized trips for the whole family and you already know about such a stick, such a splinter,

Sun Tours and Fun has become my entertainment and one of my great passions, I love to sit down and plan my trips carefully, to then be able to reproduce each step on the blog, improve every day in photography and hear that our stories have served as travel guides for other explorers.

Thank you so much for following us and encouraging us to continue every day with this project that we are giving so much hope to!