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Traveler Resources

On this page we have made a selection of the travel resources that we use and in which we trust 100% because they have responded to us in the necessary moments and because they offer the best prices and experiences.

In some of them we get a commission if you follow the links but that does not change that for us they are the best and the ones we always use.

Travel insurance, flight search engines, platforms to book excursions and tours, transportation and accommodation rental, these are all you need to organize your own trip.

After many years of traveling around the world on our own, these platforms to organize a trip are the ones we trust to save time and money. And now, we want to share them with you and that you are able to save time and money.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance iati 5% discount

Iati Insurance . They are specialists in travel insurance, why? They have up to five travel insurance options to adapt to your needs, because it is economical insurance, because of its quality and response. You can also get a 5% discount every time you travel here .

Chapka Insurance

Chapka Insurance . These insurances are specialized in Work and Holiday visas. We have not been able to prove it personally, but many friends recommend it to us, and we have been in contact with the company and they are very professional and serious in their work.



Booking . For us the best search engine for hotels, tourist apartments and hostels on the internet. It is the tool that we use whenever we want to stay in a hotel, it has an intuitive and comfortable page to use and is full of reviews and ratings. A map to locate the hotels and the prices of each one of them.


Airbnb . Platform that connects people who are looking for accommodation and people who offer it by renting their house or part of their house. If you have never used Airbnb or would like to know it in depth, read our Airbnb Mega tutorial . You can get a discount on your first reservation here .



Skyscanner . It is the most famous flight search engine, it offers a great flight comparison and allows us to always find the best deals, highly recommended.

Motorhome republic

Motorhome Republic . Many trips in Australia and New Zealand start with a motorhome. This search engine compares the prices of all companies that operate in Australia, New Zealand and many more countries, find what you are looking for with the best prices.

Airport Rentals

Airport Rentals . Platform for car rental. You can compare prices from a lot of companies in most countries and it has free cancellations on most cars.


AutoEurope . Search engine for car rentals around the world. You can compare prices from a lot of companies in most countries highly recommended for Europe and the United States and it has free cancellations on most cars.

Excursions and tours


Civitatis . Excursions in Spanish around the world. Discover everything you can do on your visit with all the guarantees and all the information you need before booking. This platform helps you organize your next trip and saves you a lot of time searching for the best excursions, it even has dozens of free tours in dozens of cities around the world.

Book excursions around the world

Get your guide . Book the best experiences anywhere in the world. From a cooking class to a tour of the Sydney Opera House, on this platform you can reserve experiences for your trip that you will not forget.

Planning and organization of the trip

Search Blogs

Search Travel Blog . For us, the best way to organize a trip is by reading blog articles and learning from the experiences of other travelers. And in order to find the place we are looking for as soon as possible we use the website Busca Blog de Viajes.

Trip advisor

Trip Advisor . We have the trip advisor application on our mobile and we use it to see people's opinions of the places we want to visit, restaurants and hotels. Now you can also book flights and accommodation through its website.


Lonely Planet . They are very complete and inexpensive travel guides, you also have them from almost all regions of the world. Once you get used to using them, you just want to buy a new one to start organizing your next trip.

Cameras and travel accessories

Nikon D3300

Nikon D5300 . It took us a lot to decide, but after reading many opinions on the internet we opted for this machine and it is the one that accompanies us on all trips, it is super easy to handle, perfect for those who are starting with the world of reflex cameras.

Olympus TG-4

Olympus TG-5 . This is our action camera, the one we use when we take underwater photos, go on sports or go on excursions with a little more adventure. It was recommended to us by a traveling friend and now we are the ones who are happy to recommend it, it works great.

Olympus TG-4

GoPro 8 . One of the most famous action cameras with the best features. If you are one of those who like to have everything captured and you like video, this camera is one of the best.

kindle paperwhite

Kindle or e-book : Your best friend on a long trip. For us, the electronic book is an essential accessory that is never missing in our suitcase. Books have made long trips of 35 hours or more, as well as short ones, much more enjoyable.

Olympus TG-4

Universal adapter plug : If you are a traveler like us, you need an adapter to plug in your electronic devices. This is the best rated and has two USB plugs for mobile phones or tablets . You will use it on all your trips, it is comfortable and light.

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Hosting and CMS

Siteground : This hosting or web hosting company with different plans for every need. It is one of the most recommended on the web and has more than two million pages hosted on it. There are countless manuals on the net. It is the one that has worked best for us so far. It makes a daily copy, so if you break something you just have to go to your Siteground Main Panel and restore to the previous day or even earlier. For clumsy like us he has saved us more than once.


WordPress : This is a very easy and intuitive to use content management system (CMS). You can make your own website from scratch with its platform, it's super simple. And if you want you can use any of their templates and in a few hours you will have your page up and running. WordPress and Siteground are the perfect combination for any type of we you want to start, from a blog to an online store.

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