Tips for traveling to Australia. If you are planning your trip to Australia and you are having some doubts to organize it, do not worry, we have prepared an article with 25 tips to travel to Australia thought together with our friends who live in Australia and who also love to travel around Australia .

With these tips for traveling to Australia we would like you to also have a wonderful experience exploring Down Under.

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Tips to organize the trip to Australia

1. - The distances in Australia are huge so to get the most out of your trip it is very important that you plan it in advance . Most trips in Australia are made by plane arriving in an area and exploring by car.

2.- If you really want to know the purest and wildest Australia, leave the cities (except Sydney) and plan a trip to explore national parks, islands and beaches in Australia.

3.- Remember, to travel to Australia on vacation you will need a tourist visa .

If you want more information you can read our article Tourist Visa for Australia

4.- Buy your flight to Australia in advance and if you are flexible with the dates, your plane tickets will be much cheaper.

We tell you how to find cheap flights to Australia in the post Travel to Australia Cheap.

5.- English is spoken in Australia , so if you are a bit lazy with English it is a good idea to learn some useful phrases such as ¨ Can you give me a coffee, please ¨ or ¨ How can I get to the Sydney Opera House ¨.

Noosa surf in Australia

Suitcase for Australia

6.- You must bring a universal plug adapter . If you have to buy it, take advantage and get a universal adapter and USB ports.

7.- Be careful with the weather, depending on the time of year in Australia it can be very cold and rainy so don't forget to pack a jacket and a raincoat in your suitcase. To know the climate that you are going to find we recommend you visit What is the best time to travel to Australia?

8.- When packing your suitcase you have to take into account the Australian customs law. There are some products that you cannot bring to Australia, others for which you need permission and others such as alcohol or tobacco whose quantity is limited.

It is obvious that drugs, steroids or firearms are not allowed to be brought into Australia. But you must also bear in mind that to bring to Australia some products such as fresh food, eggs, meat, fish, plants, seeds, skins, feathers or packaged foods, you must declare them and they will not always allow you to enter the country with them.

If you travel with more than $ 10,000 in cash, you are also required to declare it upon arrival in the country.

If you want more information on what you can and cannot bring to Australia check out this Australian government website: What I cannot bring to Australia .

We recommend you go through the article What to take to Australia , there you will see the essentials to pack in a suitcase for your trip .

An electronic book is essential for us, there are many hours on the plane and in airports.

Kindle or e-book : Your best friend on a long trip. For us, the electronic book is an essential accessory that is never missing in our suitcase. Books have made long trips of 35 hours or more, as well as short ones, much more enjoyable.

An electronic book is not only for when you travel, but also for your day to day , so it is a complete accessory that will save you a lot of weight in your day to day life. You can carry dozens of books with you. This is the best valued for its quality-price, it is the one that Jose has and it is the best:

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If you already have your e-book you can get 30 days free of Amazon Unlimited for your trip here:

Mount Martha Beach Victoria Beaches of Australia

Schedules on your trip to Australia

9.- Get up early and take advantage of the daylight hours . In Australia the day begins at 6 am and wherever you go, do what you see. Nothing to get up at 8:30 and have breakfast, if you do so you will have lost half a day. Wake up early.

10.- The hours of meals in Australia are:

    1. Breakfast: From 7 am to 10 am.
    2. Lunch: From 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
    3. Dinner from 5 pm to 8 pm

Keep this in mind if you are going to eat out because normally the kitchens of bars and restaurants close at 9/10 pm.

The typical brunch (breakfast-lunch) of the Anglo-Saxon countries can last until 1 pm and some cafes serve brunch until 5 pm. It is a great option to make the most of the day. We love it, we just have coffee early in the morning and stop at 11 for brunch, continue until 7 in the afternoon and then have dinner.

11.- Plan your day knowing that generally visits to museums, monuments and other places of tourist interest close at 5 in the afternoon.

Melbourne, Travel to Australia 15 days

Recommendations on how to get around Australia

12.- If you want to take the opportunity to see many places in Australia, get off the road and take internal planes , you will be able to see many more iconic places in the country.

To search for internal flights through Australia we always use the Skyscanner website .

If you are going to travel by road :

13.- If you are going to spend a month or more in the country, taking a road trip is a very good idea to explore Australia, although be aware that you will only be able to see one area, for example, part of the east coast.

14.- Before coming to Australia, apply for the International Driving License in your country.

Keep the distances in mind and investigate the state of the roads before setting off.

The average time it takes to do 100 km in Australia is about an hour and a half, in some places much longer. This is important that you keep in mind.

15.- If you want to rent a car to take a road trip, we recommend that you use the Airport Rental Cars search engine because it allows you to compare between many car rental companies in a quick and easy way.

16.- If you prefer to rent a motorhome (caravan) you can do it through the Motorhome Republic comparator, which is the one that seems most complete to us and gives us more security.

If you want to know more about how to rent a motorhome in Australia and what our recommendations are, you can read our article Rent a Motorhome in Australia .

17.- If you decide to rent a car or a motorhome, ask whether or not it includes highway tolls (You can read it in the terms and conditions of the rental contract).

Tolls in Australia

If tolls are not included in the contract, you will have to connect to the Internet and create an account to pay them online. The web pages for the tolls of the main cities in Australia are:

The tolls here do not work like in Europe. The traffic signs on the road announce that it is a toll road and when entering the highway a photo will be taken of the license plate of your vehicle. It is your responsibility to go online and pay it, if you don't the car rental company could charge you a surcharge.

18.- You should not drive at dusk or dawn on secondary roads because kangaroos, wombats, wallabies among other animals constantly cross them.

In some places on the west coast of Australia, rental car insurance doesn't even cover the cost of an accident if it happens while driving at dawn or dusk.

Driving route Great Ocean Road Victoria Australia

Safety-related tips for traveling to Australia

19.- If you are going to go to the beach, respect the rules and always bathe between the flags so that the lifeguards do not lose sight of you. In the event that you are not very careful, the currents are very strong.

20.- If you plan to surf in Australia, avoid surfing on beaches where there is no one or very remote, in natural parks and in river deltas because sharks are more likely. Especially on the south coast of NSW, Victoria and Western Australia.

21.- While you are in Australia, use sunscreen every day because here the sun is very strong and dangerous, in this part of the world the ozone layer is thinner and the ultraviolet rays are very intense.

22.- It is also important that you get an anti-mosquito spray , because in tropical areas you will need it.

I do not include sun cream or anti-mosquitoes in the suitcase section because you can buy both products in any supermarket in Australia at a fairly affordable price.

23.- It is essential that you take out travel insurance to travel to Australia.

We always travel with IATI Seguros. If you also want to contract your travel insurance with IATI you can get a 5% discount if you do it through this link: Yes, I want my discount .

Australian surfers travel to Australia

And our last two and most important tips for traveling to Australia:

24.- Soak up Information about Australia in Sun Tours and Fun . We are honest and we wrote this travel blog to tell you about our experiences traveling in Australia and to help you organize your trip, so take advantage. We have dozens of articles about Australia, type in the search engine what you are looking for.

In the Australia section of our blog you will find a lot of information to organize your trip to Australia: What to see and do, best time to travel, budget, routes and itineraries ...

25.- Enjoy your trip to Australia very much because we are sure it will be one of the trips of your life.

Hopefully these tips for traveling to Australia help you to organize your trip to Australia and tour the country. You already know that if you have any further questions you can always become a member of our Facebook group Traveling Australia New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. In this travelers forum we help each other to plan our trips to Oceania.

You can also ask us directly at we will be happy to advise you.

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25 Tips for Traveling to Australia

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