If you are wondering when is the best time of year to travel to Australia , we anticipate that the answer is complex: Australia is a huge country, there is a great difference in its climates, and of course some times are better than others to visit each area. from Australia.

In our opinion, there is no better season than another to travel to Australia, but there is to visit each region of Australia.

We explain ourselves: Depending on the places in Australia you want to visit, choosing the best time of year to travel to Australia is an important decision.

For example: If I want to visit Kakadu National Park, it is best to travel from April to September, during the dry season. But if what I am most excited about is enjoying Sydney's beaches, the best time for my trip will be from October to February, in summer.

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Climates of Australia

In this map of Australia you can see graphically the different climates of the country .

Map with the different climates of Australia

Seasons of the year in Australia

Before telling you about the best times to visit each area of ​​Australia, we would like to show you the seasons of the year in Australia:

Summer : From December 1 to February 28

Autumn : Between March 1 to May 31

Winter : From June 1 to August 31

Spring : From September 1 to November 30

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What is the best time of year of the year to travel to Australia

Now, we are going with the best time of year to visit each area of ​​Australia:

Sydney and surroundings

Summer in Sydney is hot, with temperatures between 19º and 29º and that can reach 35º on the hottest days.

Winter is quite mild, with temperatures between 8 ° and 20 °.

This means that it is not hot all year round, and that although the winter is mild, in Sydney coat is used during the months of June to August.

Regarding rainfall, the average is 10 to 13 rainy days a month in Sydney, so if it rains a lot in Sydney, don't be fooled.

Sydney can be visited throughout the year , although in our opinion October to May are the best months of the year to see Sydney, especially January and February, a few months when it is hot to enjoy the beaches and it does not rain as much as in December.

Opera House Australia

Australian Red Center: Uluru, Kaya Tjuta and Kings Canyon

Uluru and the Olgas Mountains, two of the most touristy places in Australia, are located in the red center of the country ( Outback ), in a semi-arid desert.

Temperatures are around 30º - 35º in summer and 20º - 25º in winter during the day. At night the temperatures always fall, especially in winter when they can reach 0º.

Rainfall is low, and there are an average of five cloudy days per month.

Therefore, Uluru is a great place to be visited at any time of year, but if you want to go camping, fall and spring are the best seasons to get to know Australia's red center.

Kings Canyon Australia

Melbourne and Great Ocean Road

Melbourne is famous for how quickly the weather can change, they say you can experience all four seasons in one day.

Melbourne is characterized by very hot summers and colder winters than in most Australian cities, temperatures in winter can drop as low as 6º.

May to October are Melbourne's wettest months and January and February the driest.

Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road can be visited all year round, but to get the most out of your trip it is best to travel to Melbourne in late summer and autumn . At this time the temperatures still allow you to lie in the sun on the beach, the days are quite long and there are not as many days of rain as in winter.

Best time to go to Melbourne

Western Australia

Western Australia is as big as half of Europe and does not have a single climate. We explain their differences according to the most tourist sites in the state of Western Australia:

The interior is one of the most inhospitable deserts on the planet with very high temperatures and practically no rainfall throughout the year.

Perth and its surroundings have a Mediterranean climate, with sunny and hot summers and winters with milder and more humid temperatures.

Exmouth and the Western Australian Barrier Reef enjoy hot and dry weather all year round. In summer it can even be too hot, with temperatures reaching 40º. Perfect to enjoy the beach all year round.

On the Esperance coast, temperatures vary from 17º in winter to 37º in summer. The best months to visit the Esperance coastline are January, February and March, when the warmth allows us to enjoy those fantastic beaches with turquoise waters.

Hamelin Bay Beach beaches of Australia

Darwin and North Queensland (Cairns and Barrier Reef)

These regions of northern Australia have a tropical climate with two very well differentiated seasons:

  • Wet season: November to April
  • Dry season: May to October

During the wet season rainfall is very abundant, there are many storms and the humidity is higher. Temperatures range between 25º and 35º.

In the dry season the temperatures drop a little, from 21º to 32º, the humidity is much lower, the rains are scarce or null and the sunny days increase. It is without a doubt the best time to visit this part of Australia.

Weather in Tropical North Queensland, @ Sun Tours and Fun2017

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Noosa and Byron Bay

Southern Queensland and northern NSW have a subtropical climate, which translates into great temperatures all year round.

In spring and summer, temperatures range between 23º and 30º and in autumn and winter between 15º and 25º.

Rainfall is highest in spring, but it is a great area to visit at any time of year for outdoor sports.

Best time to travel to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay, Australia

Adelaide and Kangaroo Island

In this area there is a big difference between summer and winter. Summers are hot and dry and winters are colder and rainier, although temperatures never tend to drop below 8º.

The best months to visit South Australia are February and March, when it is not so hot anymore and you can enjoy the Fringe Festival in Adelaide.

Best time to travel to Kangaroo Island @ Sun Tours and Fun2017


Tasmania has two clearly differentiated climatic zones, which divide the island practically in half.

The eastern area is the most developed part and where the climate is a little milder . Rainfall is distributed throughout the year although between January and June they are less. The temperatures are much lower than in the mainland, only exceeding twenty degrees between December and February.

The western part of Tasmania is colder and much rainier , there you will find the wildest nature of the island.

The best time to visit Tasmania for its climate is summer, although we would advise traveling already in February, to avoid the peak season in December and January.

Bay of Fires, Tasmania. Tour Australia by motorhome

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In this article we have told you about the best time to travel to Australia according to the climate of the different regions of the country, but there are other factors that you should also take into account to organize your trip: high season in Australia, school holidays, migration time of the whales ... We will talk about these in another post.

To summarize we are going to leave you a table with the best time to visit each of the The 19 highlights of Australia . We would like to make it clear that it is the best time according to the climate, but all of Australia can be visited at any time of the year.

Inform the best time of year to travel to Australia

There are no bad times to travel to Australia!

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