If you want to know how much it costs to travel to Australia or how to save money on your trip then this article is for you.

Today we are going to solve your doubts about the cost of a trip to Australia by showing you the real prices of the products and services you need to travel in Australia .

We also give you some tips to make your trip to Australia cheaper and we show you a real budget for a 21-day trip to Australia.

  • If you are planning a trip to Australia, take a look at the Guide to travel to Australia that we have prepared for you, it will surely help you organize your trip. We have given him a lot of love.

Although it is no secret that Australia is an expensive country, in this article we are going to advise you so that your experience touring Australia is unforgettable without having to empty your pockets.

If you are wondering how much a trip to Australia costs, we are going to tell you what the price of things is in Australia so that you can get an idea of ​​the budget you need to travel to Australia.

The currency of Australia is the Australian Dollar and if you want to know how much it is in relation to the official currency of your country you can look at it on this website: XE Currency Converter .

How many Australian dollars is a US dollar worth? At this time 1 US dollar equals 1.63 AUD. So if you have US dollars traveling to Australia is cheaper now than having done it in 2017. Do not waste this opportunity.

Flights to Australia: Prices

Infographic. Price of flights to Australia

Obviously the price of the plane ticket to Australia will vary depending on your place of departure. As an example, these could be the prices of your flights to Australia:

  • Price of the trip to Australia from United States : $ 800 - $ 1,300 (Currency: US dollars EUR)
  • From CHILE to Australia: $ 837,500 - 850,500 (Currency: Chilean Peso CLP)
  • How much does a ticket to Australia from ARGENTINA cost : $ 28,000 - $ 57,000 (Currency: Argentine Pesos ARP)
  • Flights from COLOMBIA $ 5,341,314 - $ 6,130,430 (Currency: Colombian Peso COP)
  • From UNITED STATES to Australia price: $ 1,465 - $ 3,000 (Currency: US Dollar USD)
  • Price of air tickets to Australia from MEXICO : $ 26,000 - $ 50,000 (Currency: Mexican Peso MXN)
  • Tickets to Australia from PERU : S /. 5,900 - S / 14,200 (Currency: Peruvian Sol PEN)
  • Flying to Australia from UK : £ 1,317 - £ 3,200 (Currency: Pound Sterling GBP)


Approximate prices per person and night (Currency: Austalian Dollar AUD):

  • Campgrounds and Campsites : $ 12

The campgarounds are the places enabled for camping within the national parks of Australia. They normally belong to the authorities of the state where the national park is located. They have less facilities than the campsites but are located in the middle of nature.

  • Camping : From $ 20 - $ 35

The Holiday Caravan Parks are private campsites where you can reserve a place to pitch your tent or rent a bungalow for the night. These campsites have all kinds of facilities: bathrooms and showers, kitchens, barbecues, swimming pools ...

  • Backpacker hostel sharing room: $ 20 - $ 60

These are the youth hostels or backpakers where you can rent a bed in a shared room or rent a private room, although the bathroom is always shared.

  • Motel: $ 60 - $ 150 (Private room, so the price for two people would be the same)

Motels are a smaller type of accommodation than hotels and generally with less facilities. It is possible to find motels with a room tested for a single person from $ 55.

  • Hotel : $ 79 - $ 300 (Private room, so the price for two people would be the same)

It is possible to find cheaper hotels in some towns and small cities, but we wanted to show you the average so that you can better plan your trip.

  • Apartment / House : $ 30 - $ 100 per person per night

The price of the house or apartment will depend on how many of you are, where the house is located and the facilities it has.

  • You can compare accommodation prices on BOOKING.COM. In booking you can find campsites, hostels, motels, hotels, apartments and houses to stay anywhere in Australia. We love it because most of them have free cancellation.

    To rent the house you can also take a look on the AIRBNB website .

    If you still do not have an Airbnb account, we recommend that you read this Airbnb Tutorial and take advantage of the 55 AUD discount that we offer you by following this link: Airbnb Discount

Food and drink

The price of food in Australian restaurants is very varied and ranges from $ 12 that a main dish can cost in a Thai restaurant (They are generally the cheapest) to the $ 30 that you can pay in an Australian or European food restaurant . There are much more expensive restaurants, but this would be average.

In Australia there are also fast food restaurant chains like Subway, McDonalds, Hungry Jacks ... in these chains the price of the menu / combo can be around $ 10- $ 12 Australian dollars.

As for the drink, the price of soft drinks is about $ 3- $ 4 and that of beer ranges between $ 7- $ 9 depending on the brand and the restaurant.

If you are one of those who like to buy in the supermarket and cook your own food when you travel here we leave you the price of some products:

Prices in supermarket Australia


Internal Flights

To move between the main cities of Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or Cairns) there are quite cheap flights, their price can range between $ 50 - $ 250 , depending on what day of the week you travel.

If you travel to more remote places and have to take regional flights, for example to visit some of the areas of Western Australia, then the price becomes very expensive and can go up to $ 300 - $ 500 in some cases.

  • If you want to know the exact price of your flight, take a look at SKYSCANNER.

Car rental

You can rent a car from $ 25 a day.

The price of the car will depend on the size of the car, the days you rent it (It is cheaper if you rent it for a longer time) and if you return it to the same place where you pick it up. If you want to leave the car in a different city from where you pick it up, they will impose a surcharge.

Motorhome rental

You can rent a campervan in Australia from about $ 30 a day .

As with cars, the price increases according to the size and performance of the motorhome, the number of days you rent it and whether you return it to the same place where you pick it up or not.


The most popular company to travel around Australia by bus is Greyhound Australia . This company sells bus tickets for days with unlimited trips. The most popular are: 7 days of unlimited travel for $ 249 or 45 days of unlimited travel for $ 449.

Australia transport price

How could you have already guessed seeing these prices traveling to Australia is expensive , we will not deny that to anyone.

We do not know how to travel to Australia for free or to make a proper trip to Australia without money, but it is true that there are some tricks that can help you save some money on your trip to Australia.


1.- To buy your flights to Australia and through Australia follow the advice that we leave you in the article Travel to Australia cheap .

2.- The cheapest airlines to fly from one place to another in Australia are Tigerair and Jetstar Airways.

3.- Avoid flying on Friday, Sunday and Monday. These days airline tickets are more expensive.

Car rental

4.- If you are going to travel to Australia for less than 1 month, we recommend you move by taking internal flights and picking up a rental car at the airport to explore the area you are going to visit.

AIRPORT RENTAL CARS is our preferred place to search for rental cars. Compare prices between many companies and show you the best deals.

5.- If you want to save money it is better to plan your flights and routes to return to leave the car in the same place where you picked it up , the surcharge that you have to pay if you leave it in another place is very high.

Motorhome rental

6.- If you are lucky enough to be able to make a trip of more than a month then we recommend that you rent a motorhome because it will allow you to save a lot of money on accommodation and food.

For motorhome rental we use the MOTORHOME REPUBLIC comparator .

7.- If you are flexible with your dates, another option is to use a relocation service . On pages like Transfercar you can take a look at the relocations that are available.

What is a Relocation? For less than $ 1 they give you a vehicle (Normally motorhome ) that you must drive to a certain place in Australia at a certain time. For example, you get a van in Sydney and you have to drop it off in Brisbane three days after you have picked it up.


8.- If you like nature do not hesitate and dare to go camping . You can buy everything you need on second-hand websites like www.gumtree.com.au or in stores like Big W for a very cheap price.

9.- If you are going to spend several days visiting the same area then we recommend that you rent an apartment or a house, especially if you are traveling in a group or as a couple.

To compare prices and book, take a look at BOOKING.COM and on Airbnb . To get your discount follow this link to Airbnb .

House. How much does it cost to travel to Australia

10.- If you travel alone, your best option is the hostels that belong to the YHA Australia network because their value for money is quite good.

Now YHA Australia has also released some coupons with which you can stay in its network of hostels for a price of $ 23 a night. If you want more information you can follow this link: YHA Australia EPACKS

Food and drink

11.- If, as we have advised you, you stay in an apartment or a hostel, you will save a lot of money because you can buy in the supermarket and have breakfast and dinner in the accommodation itself.

Don't think at all that this is a crappy option. On Airbnb there are some great houses, with barbecues in the garden to cook like an Australian and all kinds of luxuries.

The cheapest supermarket chain in Australia is Aldi where you can also find beers and wines at a great price.

12. - Ah! If you want to have some glasses in the apartment you have rented and try, for example, Bundaberg Rum, which is the local rum, we recommend that you buy them at the Duty Free at the airport upon arrival in Australia , just before passing customs.

We have it more than proven and there is no other cheaper place to buy rum, gin, vodka or whiskey?

Travel itinerary

13.- How many more days you spend traveling through Australia, the cheaper your trip will be.

You will be able to save on car or motorhome rental, you will have more flexibility to take the plane on the days when it is cheaper and above all you will be able to enjoy your trip to Australia more.

14.- If price is important to you, our recommendation is that you avoid visiting remote places in Australia because the logistics to get there is complicated and can make the price of the trip very expensive.

For example: Esperance or Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, Port Lincoln in South Australia or even Uluru are expensive destinations.

15.- The cheapest is to spend a few days touring Sydney and its surroundings, Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road and the Cairns area (Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest). This would be the basic and cheapest trip without losing the essence of Australia.

16.- Another thing you should keep in mind is when it is cheapest to travel to Australia . That is, if you avoid the high season which is from December to February you can also save some money on your trip to Australia.


17.- You can do without all the excursions except one: Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia

What to visit

18.- Take the opportunity to get to know the National Parks of Australia because they are a true wonder and walk through nature for free.

19.- Going to the beach is also free and Australia has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world.

If you want to know which are our favorite beaches in Australia, follow this link: The Best Beaches in Australia .

After showing you how much things are worth in Australia and giving you some recommendations to travel to Australia cheaper, nothing better than to visually show you a real example of a 21-day budget traveling through Australia.

This was the budget we considered on our trip to Australia in 2017 with our friends from United States. We travel five adults and although we take care of money the truth is that we do not deprive ourselves of anything as you can see.

Budget trip to Australia 21 days

Hopefully with this article we have been able to answer your question about how much it costs to travel to Australia. You see that although Australia is not a cheap destination there are some tricks that can help you reduce the budget of your trip to Australia.

If you have any more tips to save money when traveling in Australia tell us because it will be great for us too.

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