Byron Bay is a place that you cannot miss if you spend a season in Australia or if you are taking a trip along the east coast of Australia. A kilometer-long beach, a young spirit and a lot of surfing are the hallmarks of this small coastal town. To make the most of your visit to Byron Bay, in this article we leave you 10 things to see and do in Byron Bay.

In Byron Bay you go to rest, to enjoy the sun, the fine sand of its beach and the waves. It is the perfect place to escape and spend a season, because there it seems that time has stopped and that it is the hours of sunshine and the tides that move locals and travelers, always running towards the beach with a surfboard. under the arm.

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What to see and do in Byron Bay

1.- Watch the sunset from the Byron Bay lighthouse

The Byron Bay Lighthouse is located on the easternmost point of the Australian coastline and its ocean views are breathtaking.

Watching the sunrise or sunset from the Byron Bay lighthouse is a spectacle and although you will certainly not be alone, it is an experience that you cannot miss if you go to Byron Bay.

Byron Bay Guide to travel to Australia

2.- Surf

I doubted whether to put surfing as the first thing to do in Byron Bay, but since we don't all like this thing about getting on a board, I have given it second place (Jose sure does not agree with me on this point 🙂).

Byron Bay oozes surf on all four sides. On its beaches you can find different spots for all levels. The best of all begins on the right side of the beach, below the lighthouse, where a right-hand wave forms that, in good conditions, can have a route of about 300 meters, with very easy access from the rocks.

In Byron Bay you have no excuse not to surf even for the first time, it is a super fun experience and the waves here are perfect for learning. Find a Byron Bay surfcamp at any of their surf schools here .

Or if you just want to give a surf lesson to try it, you can book it here.

surf Byron Bay Australia

If you still don't know how to surf, or you want to perfect your technique, we advise you to sign up for some of the surf lessons offered in Byron Bay. Here are some of the lessons that we liked the most:

3.- Have a beer at the Beach Hotel

It is a must when visiting Byron Bay to have a beer at the Beach Hotel and enjoy the views of the beach and live music.


4.- Diving

Byron Bay is also a very popular spot for diving enthusiasts. There are several diving centers and we know that some of them even speak Spanish.

In Byron Bay you can see turtles, more than 400 different species of fish, manta rays and leopard sharks. If you are lucky you might come across a humpback whale or a gray shark.

It is the perfect place to get started in this sport or to enjoy a walk along the seabed of the Australian east coast.

5.- Whale watching

Yes, in whale season, from June to October, you can see humpback whales jumping off the coast of Byron Bay.

The best place to go whale watching from shore is Captain Cook's Lookout at the Byron Bay Lighthouse.

You can also take a trip of a few hours to see the whales up close.


6.- See the sunrise from Mount Warning

Mount Warning is a forest found in the Wollumbin National Park. It is possible to climb to the top of the mountain by doing a fairly steep hiking route, with many stairs and that in some sections requires using chains.

Although the path to the top is steep, the views are spectacular and the effort is totally worth it, especially if you do it at sunrise. You will be lucky enough to enjoy Australia's first sunrise.

7.- Practice yoga on the beach

In Byron Bay there is a lot of tradition and custom of yoga. It is a place where you can breathe tranquility and it is perfect to relax and find yourself practicing yoga.

Here you can find spiritual and yoga retreats, but the truth is that they are quite expensive. We settle for a yoga class on the beach.

Byron Bay beach Australia

8.- Explore the National Park of Nightcap

Not only are the coasts of Byron Bay beautiful, you can also take advantage of the national parks located near the coastal town.

Nightcap is a national park declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Its tropical forests, hiking trails and waterfalls are well worth a getaway.

  • To go to the national park you can go by car or book an excursion. We always prefer to do this type of getaway on our own, but if you don't want to drive or prefer to do it in a group, here we leave you a tour that we really liked:

9.- Visit the hippie town of Nimbin.

Nimbin is Australia's quintessential hippie town. A very curious place that reminds us of the hippies of the 60s. In Nimbin you can walk through its streets and enjoy its street art and graffiti, have a drink in its various cafes, some of them with very beautiful forest views and visit a candle factory.

Nimbin what to see in Byron Bay

10.- Get to know Bangalow

Bangalow is located just 10 miles from Byron Bay and is a picturesque town founded in 1880. It is a small town, preserving the architectural style of the early 19th century, with a local produce market held every Saturday and several festivals throughout the year.

Accommodation in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a very touristy town and well known in Australia, so there are many accommodation options: Camping, hotels , hostels , Airbnb , etc.

The first time we were in Byron Bay we went by van and spent the night at the Discovery Parks Byron Bay , which although it is located 2km from the city center has many places available, and offers a medium quality service at an affordable price . If you prefer to sleep in a small cabin, cabin or house, this campsite also offers these services. We recommend you book in advance because the demand is very high and especially in summer.

But if you want a local experience or are going with a group of friends, the best thing is to rent a house with Airbnb or with Booking .

The last time we went to Byron Bay with friends we rented a house for the eight of us who traveled and we had a great time. With a house you can save a lot of money because you can have breakfast and dinner. In addition, a house allows you to have much more privacy and freedom.

  • If like us you want to stay in an Aibnb house or apartment and you have still registered on the page here we will leave you a discount of $ 55 for your next reservation.

    Yes, I want my discount on Airbnb

How to get to Byron Bay


The closest airport to Byron Bay is Ballina Byron Bay Getaway Airport . located 35 kilometers from Byron Bay.

Other airports that are also very close to the town are Brisbane which is almost two hours away by car and Gold Coast, 65 kilometers from Byron Bay (about 48 minutes driving).

  • If you are looking for flights to travel to Byron Bay, we suggest you do so through the Skyscanner search engine that will help you find the best deals.

Car or motorhome

If you are going to get to Byron Bay by road, this is the approximate time it will take from the main cities of Australia:

  • An hour and a quarter from the Gold Coast.
  • 2 hours from Brisbane.
  • 10-11 hours from Sydney (No long stops).
  • Approximately 20 hours from Melbourne (No long stops).

We first visited Byron Bay in 2015 as part of our East Coast Australia campervan trip and we liked it so much that we repeated the trip.

  • If you also want to rent a van or motorhome to travel the east coast of Australia, we advise you to do it through Motorhome Republic, the best comparator of motorhome rental companies on the market.

  • If you want more information about the Brisbane to Cairns road route you can find it by following this link : East Coast Roadtrip: Brisbane to Cairns. 


Another way to get to Byron Bay is by bus from Brisbane or Sydney.

Best time of year to visit Byron Bay

The best time to visit Byron Bay is in spring, from September to November, when temperatures are mild and there is less chance of rain.

The weather in spring is perfect to enjoy sunny beach days and wonderful sunsets at the Byron Bay Lighthouse without all the tourists that will occupy the town in summer (December to February).

If you decide to visit Byron Bay, go ahead, rent a surfboard, let the waves roll over you, enjoy a cold beer on the shore of the beach and above all, relax and enjoy its hippie spirit.

Byron Bay NSW Australia sunset lighthouse

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