Located in a privileged enclave, on the east coast of Australia and being the gateway to the wonderful tropical state of Queensland, the Gold Coast is one of the favorite places for Australians to go on vacation. In this article, things to see and do in Gold Coast Australia, we give you some ideas of things to see in the Gold Coast , activities to do and some places worth seeing near the Gold Coast.

Here we have also prepared a map for you so that you can locate all the things that we talked about in the article:

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Things to see and do in Gold Coast Australia

1.- Enjoy its beaches.

Whether you are one of those who like to surf, lie in the sun or take a dip, in Gold Coast you have some impressive beaches.

We recommend: Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Kurrawa Beach, Mermaid Beach, Miami Beach, Burleigh Heads, Palm Beach, Kirra Beach, Currumbin Creek and Broadbeach.

Australia motorhome road tours: Gold Coast

2.- Learn to surf

If you have always wanted to learn to surf, Gold Coast is the ideal place for it. Take advantage and book those surf lessons that you have always wanted to do in Surfers Paradise.

3.- Rent a bike and pedal along the Gold Coast Oceanway

Ride a bike and pedal along the Gold Coast Oceanway. It is 36 kilometers of road that begins at the Point Danger viewpoint in Coolangatta and ends at the Gold Coast Seaway (The Spit).

Take the opportunity to exercise, swim in one of the beaches that you will find along the way and stop for a coffee with views of the sea in one of the cafes that you will find.

4.- Stroll through Surfers Paradise

Take a tour of Surfers Paradise and enjoy its beach atmosphere. You can also take the opportunity to expand your wardrobe by buying clothes in one of the many clothing stores in the area.

Australia motorhome road tours: Surfers Paradise

5.- Visit some of the Gold Coast markets

Whether you want to buy some second-hand clothes, organic or local products or simply go for a walk to browse, the markets that you will find in Gold Coast are perfect to spend the morning shopping.

Why go to a shopping center when you can walk around and find artisan and ecological products in the markets of the city?

On this website you will find information about the many markets that you will find in the Gold Coast: Gold Coast Markets.

Some of the most popular are:

  • Beachfront Markets at Surfers Paradise
  • Camarra Markets.
  • Miami Farmers Market.
  • Burleigh Farmers Markets,
  • The Village Markets.

We have indicated them all on the map with the shopping icon in purple.

6.- Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

If you want to see koalas and crocodiles you can visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary .

It is one of the most popular attractions to do on the Gold Coast, both for locals and tourists.

What started as a veterinary hospital that took in sick, injured or orphaned animals, has become a Queensland Heritage Zoo.

Currently in Currumbin educational activities are organized for schools in the area and tourists. The park is home to a large number of species of birds, marsupials, reptiles, and other exotic animals.

If you want to see Australian animals, it is much better to visit this type of place than a zoo.

7.- Take a relaxing bath at Currumbin Rock

Currumbin Rock is a natural spa located in Currumbin Valley. Pack a backpack with a swimsuit, a towel and a snack and go on a hike through this beautiful Gold Coast valley.

Currumbin Rock is only a 15 minute drive from Currumbin Beach. In the area there are natural pools where you can take a dip, ropes to climb the rocks and jump into the water ... a perfect place to spend a different day in the field.

8.- Dinner at Miami Marketta

Live music and street food from all over the world is what you will find in Miami Marketta . A perfect place to watch the sunset and go out for a drink open on Wednesdays (Open from 5 pm to 9 pm), Fridays and Saturdays (Open from 4 pm to 11 pm).

9.- Walk through the Gold Coast national parks

In the national parks that surround the Gold Coast there are many hiking trails that will allow you to discover the area on foot.

These are some of the parks that we suggest you visit:

If you do not want to rent a car to get to know any of these national parks or you simply prefer to go on a group excursion, day tours are also organized to see the most important places in some of these parks that are World Heritage Sites.

10.- Have a picnic to watch the sunset

A very Aussie custom is to get a picnic blanket, a basket of cheese, crackers, carrots, hummus and various dips and a bottle of wine and sit quietly to watch the sunset in a park.

The best places for a picnic on the Gold Coast are:

  • Burleigh Hill, in Burleigh. It is the most popular picnic spot on the Gold Coast.
  • Gold Coast Botanic Gardens
  • Long Tan Park in Currumbin
  • Hinze Dam, Advancetown
  • At Macintosh Island Park in Surfers Paradise
  • Cascade Gardens in the Broadbeach area
  • At Ed Hardy Park in the Miami area
  • Tallebudgera Creek Park in the Tallebudgera area
  • Long Tan Park in Currumbin
  • Kirra's viewpoint in Coolangatta

We have marked them all on our map so that you don't miss any?

11.- Have brunch at Le Cafe Gourmand

Le Café Gourmand is considered one of the best cafes on the Gold Coast for brunch. The bar is located on Mermaid Beach and offers French-style breakfasts with crepes, baguettes and croissants as its specialties.

Our mouths water just thinking about it!

12.- Surf at Snapper Rock

In the Gold Coast there are many beaches with very good waves for surfing, but without a doubt the best is Snapper Rocks, a world-class wave that is found in Coolangatta and that every year brings together the best surfers during the world championship test. If you are already an experienced surfer, this is your place.

Snnaper rocks Gold Coast

13.- Taste the wines of the region

If you like wine and want to try what is made in the region, we recommend that you sign up for a day tour of the most popular wineries in Queensland.

You will have the opportunity to taste various types of wine from some winery accounts and buy some bottles of what you liked the most. The tour also includes lunch at one of the wineries and a visit to the popular Tamborine Mountain distillery.

14.- Visit the World Surf Gold Coast surf museum

At the World Surf Gold Coast museum you will find Australia's largest collection of surfboards. If you are interested in surfing, you will like it a lot because you will be able to know the evolution of the design and technology of the boards from the 30s until today.

You will also find surfing photographs and other handicrafts related to the surf culture of the area.

15.- Dinner at Rabbath

This Lebanese restaurant has been voted by Trip Advisor travelers as the best place on the Gold Coast to go for dinner.

Rabbath offers Lebanese food in Burleigh Heads. The food, service and atmosphere of the place are five stars according to their customers. If you don't believe us, go to Trip Advisor and take a look at the restaurant reviews. We already have him booked for our next visit to Gold Coast.

16.- Take an excursion to see Fraser Island

If you have time, take advantage of your stay on the Gold Coast for a two-day excursion to Fraser Island , the largest sand island in the world. This is one of the things to see and do in Gold Coast Australia that you cannot miss.

Endless sandy beaches, shipwrecks on the shore of the beach, crystal clear lakes, dingoes ... Fraser Island is a wonder.


17.- Have a beer at Burleigh Brewing Co

A great way to start a Friday night is with a craft beer at Burleigh Brewing Co during Weekly Jam Session. Local artists take the stage to liven up the evening for those who are having a craft beer in the restaurant.

Take a look at their website to see what events are being organized during your time in the Gold Coast.

18.- Go to an event or festival held in Gold Coast

Whether music, art, sport or multicultural, the Gold Coast hosts festivals and events for all tastes and styles.

Go to an information center and ask about the dates of the most popular festivals that take place around the time you are visiting the Gold Coast.

Here is a list of some of the most famous festivals and events in the Gold Coast:

19.- Get out of breweries

Are you a brewer? Do you like to try craft beer from all the places you visit? In Gold Coast you have three craft breweries to visit and spend the day tasting beers.

The Breweries that you can visit in Gold Coast are:

  • Black Hops Brewing
  • Burleigh Brewing
  • Balter Brewing Company

If instead of visiting them on your own, you prefer to do it on an organized excursion, you can book a 6-hour tour where it takes you to visit the breweries, they explain the artisanal manufacturing process and give you a tasting of their most popular beers.

20.- Visit Gold Coast City Gallery

If you are an art lover in Gold Coast there is also a place for you. The Gold Coast Art Gallery exhibits works by local, Australian and international artists.

21.- Come to know Byron Bay

Byron Bay is one of our favorite towns in Australia. Byron Bay is only an hour and a quarter drive from the Gold Coast , so if you have time we advise you to visit Byron Bay.

Byron Bay's surfing and relaxed atmosphere is different from the rest of Australia, if you go you will surely love its boho chic shops, its cafes, its immense beach to swim and surf and the famous lighthouse that presides over the town.

You can rent a car to get closer to Byron Bay, buy a bus ticket or, if you don't want to complicate things and prefer to have it all done, sign up for a day trip to see Byron Bay and the national parks in the area. .

Byron Bay Guide to travel to Australia

22.- Have fun like a dwarf in one of the Gold Coast theme parks

If you are a fan of theme parks in Gold Coast you have several to choose from, among others:

23.- Discover the aboriginal culture

Although the Gold Coast is not a famous place for preserving aboriginal culture, nor are you going to see many Australian aborigines in this area, it is possible to attend a cultural dinner with a show where they tell us aboriginal legends and tell us about their traditions.

24.- Sunset at Rainbow Beach

Whether you are taking a sunset walk or have gone to the beach for the day, enjoy a beautiful sunset on Rainbow Beach with magnificent views of Surfer Paradise.

25.- Whale watching

During the winter ( May to October ) it is possible to spot whales from the east coast of Australia.

You can see humpback whales simply by walking along the coast or from a viewpoint (We have seen them in August). You can also see them up close by booking on one of the boats that take a two-and-a-half-hour whale watching cruise.

26.- Enjoy a boat trip

If you don't feel like walking and want to get an impression of the city, another option is to take a river cruise to see the Skyline of Surfers Paradise.

Cruises last an hour and a half and include some snacks.


Sunrise and sunset are magical moments and we all like them. Gold Coast has some places where you can enjoy these moments:

  • Mount Warning
  • Burleigh Heads
  • Budds beach
  • Knoll Road

If all these things to see and do in Gold Coast Australia have not been enough, you can find many more activities and experiences here .

Australian east coast

As you may already know, Gold Coast is one of the stops within the iconic journey through the Australian east coast , in this article we have told you what to see and do in Gold Coast Australia, but if you want to know, and start dreaming of a trip around the Australian east coast we recommend that you go to our articles: From Sydney to Brisbane and From Brisbane to Cairns . In them we show you a lot of useful information to organize your trip and tips so that everything goes smoothly :) :)

These are our suggestions of things to see and do in Gold Coast Australia, we hope you enjoy your stay to the fullest. Whether you are going to spend a few days in this city or just a few hours, you see that you have a lot of things to see and do in the Gold Coast for all tastes: beaches, hiking trails through national parks declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, world-class waves for surfing, morning markets, restaurants and cafes, theme parks….

And if you go to the Gold Coast and you can think of any other activity that has not escaped us, write us a comment, we will love to know what more we can do on our next visit.

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26 things to see and do in the Gold Coast

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