Noosa is a small coastal town that is part of the famous Sunshine Coast in Australia. It is famous for its canals, ideal for kayaking or paddle surfing, its surfing and family beaches , its movie sunsets and its varied offer of cafes and restaurants. In this article we give you some ideas of places to see in Noosa and activities to do in the area.

If you live in Australia or are spending a season in the country, we recommend that you take a plane to the Sunshine Coast airport and get to know this area of ​​the east coast of Australia, you will surely love it as much as we do.

And if you are planning a trip to Australia and want to make the route along the east coast from Brisbane to Cairns don't forget to add Noosa as one of your must-see stops.

What to do and what to see in Noosa

1.- Take the Coastal Walk Trail of the Noosa National Park.

We recommend that you go to Noosa Main Beach and start the walk there, very close to where the Noosa Heads Surf Life Saving Club is located.

Once there, you start your way always with views of the ocean until you reach the picnic area of ​​the national park from which all the trails begin.

If you want to see the trails here we leave you the map so that you can download it: Noosa National Park Trail Map .

Our favorite track is the Coastal Walk because it is the one with the best views. It is a 10 km round trip track. You can do like us and shorten it for example reaching the Hells Gates viewpoint.

While you are walking remember to look at the trees because in this area you can see many koalas.

The park is beautiful at any time of the day, but we have to admit that the sunset makes it even more spectacular because both the path and the beaches in the area face north. If you have the opportunity, do the walk in the afternoon and take the opportunity to see the sun go down while the surfers catch their last waves.

Noosa national park. What to see in Noosa

2.- Rent a kayak and paddle through the channels of Noosa

The Noosa canals are gorgeous and the houses that overlook the canals are wonderful. If you want to hallucinate with them, rent a Kayak and spend a few hours paddling.

kayaking, things to do in Noosa

3.- Take a bath or surf at Noosa Main beach in Noosa Heads.

It will not be difficult for you to find this beach that is right in the town of Noosa Heads.

It is a very popular beach and is perfect to lie down to sunbathe, take a quiet bath or learn to surf because its waves are very soft. That is why it is also considered an ideal beach for families.

Also the surf club restaurant is on the beach and you have great views, so you can have a beer in the Australian beach style.

surf at noosa heads Australia

4.- Have breakfast at the local Noosa Farmers Markets

One of the great recommendations that the owner of our Airbnb house gave us was that we go to the Sunday market for breakfast.

In the Sunday market you can buy local products such as fruits, vegetables or honey, organic products, skin creams, natural soaps ...

Also, have a freshly squeezed juice, try local cheeses, buy fresh bread ...

markets of noosa australia

  • There are more things you can do in Noosa. To find the best experiences and tours in Noosa: Get Your Guide

5.- Watch the sunset on the Noosa river

Another common activity among the locals is going to the Noosa River to watch the sunset. Pack a picnic basket and head to the Gympie Terrace area for a few beers or wine while the sun goes down.

sunset at noosa river australia

6.- Take a bath at the mouth of the river.

For us, one of the most beautiful places we have seen in Australia is Noosa Spit. The mouth of the river forms a beach that is a true wonder.

The beach is popular for picnics and boats also often dock nearby for the day. If you are going to kayak or paddle surf through the canals, take the opportunity to go for a swim at this beach, you are going to love it.

Dogs are allowed on this beach, so on some maps and websites you will find it by the name of Doggy beach.

Noosa Spit What to do in Noosa

7.- Go up to the viewpoint of Noosa Laguna

To have a panoramic view of the entire Noosa National Park, it is best to go up to the Noosa Laguna viewpoint and take some photos, the views are spectacular.

What to see in Noosa. Noosa Laguna viewpoint

8.- Have dinner in one of its famous restaurants

Noosa offers a great selection of restaurants to enjoy a good dinner after a full day at the beach.

As we love Asian food, we went to dinner at the Sum Yung Guys restaurant and we loved the food, the place and how well they treated us, so if you like Asian food and want to try dishes with a different touch, we recommend it. 100%.

what to do in nooosa restaurants and caferías

9.- Visit the surroundings of Noosa.

If you have more than two days to spend in this area, we recommend that you do not stay alone in Noosa and take the opportunity to get to know the famous Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Although we have yet to write a complete article about the Sunshine Coast, we can tell you that both the Coolum, Peregian and Marcus beaches south of Noosa as well as the interior of the region and especially the Glass House Mountains are well worth a visit.

visit the surroundings of Noosa, Sunshine Coast Australia

How to get to Noosa


The closest airport to Noosa is the Sunshine Coast Airport , located less than an hour's drive south of Noosa.

If you dare to come by plane, we recommend that you do like us and rent a car and pick it up at the airport, so you can stop at all the beaches on the way to Noosa, which are beautiful.

  • If you are going to find flights to travel to Sunshine Coast we suggest you do it through the Skyscanner search engine that will help you find the best deals.

  • To rent cars in Australia we always use the Airport Rentals search engine, after comparing among several we have discovered that it is the one with the best offer and prices.

Car or motorhome

If you are going to get to Noosa by road, this is the approximate time it will take from the main cities of Australia:

  • 1 hour and a half from Brisbane.
  • 3 hours from Gold Coast
  • 13 1/2 hours from Sydney (No long stops)
  • 26 and a half hours from Melbourne (No long stops)

We visited Noosa for the first time in 2015 as part of our East Coast Australia campervan trip and we liked it so much that we repeat this year.

  • If you also want to rent a van or motorhome to travel the east coast of Australia, we advise you to do it through Motorhome Republic, the best comparator of motorhome rental companies on the market.

  • If you want more information about the Brisbane to Cairns road route you can find it by following this link: East Coast Roadtrip: Brisbane to Cairns.


Another way to get to Noosa is by bus from Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast Airport.


There is no train station in Noosa. The closest train stations are Coory and Nambour so if you decide to travel to Noosa by train you will have to get to one of these two stations and take a bus from there to Noosa.

Where to stay in Noosa

Noosa is quite a tourist area in Australia so there are many options for accommodation: Camping, hotels, hostels, airbnb ...

The first time we were in Noosa we went by motorhome and spent the night at the Noosa Caravan Park campsite and we recommend it 100%.

But if you want a local experience, it's best to rent a house with Airbnb . On our last visit to Noosa we stayed in one of the houses in Noosa overlooking the canals and it was amazing. We stayed in the guest house that had everything and gave us access to the house pool and kayaks, it was a great experience. Here we leave you the photos so you can see what happened at home.

accommodation in Noosa with arbnb II
Accommodation at Noosa Airbnb Australia
yetty-accommodation on Noosa Airbnb
  • Booking also offers tourist houses. Compare and book your hotel or tourist apartment in Noosa with:

Best time of year to visit Noosa

The best time to visit Noosa is in spring, from September to November , when temperatures are mild, between 21 and 28 degrees and there is less chance of rain.

The spring weather is perfect for enjoying long, sunny days at the beach, walks through the national park and the beautiful Noosa sunsets.

Also in summer from December to February is a good time but it is more crowded as it is a vacation spot, but do not hesitate to go because it is summer.

Noosa is one of our favorite places in Australia because it is super quiet (if you don't go in high season, of course), it is surrounded by nature, and its beaches are incredible. Whether you live in Australia or if you are doing a route along the east coast of the country, spend two or three days getting to know the area and enjoy its beaches and restaurants, you are going to love it.

what to see and do in Noosa

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Article published in September 2018 and updated in February 2020.

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