If you want to know how to go from Sydney to Melbourne by car and get the best out of your Australian roadtrip, read this article carefully where we recommend the best places to see from Sydney to Melbourne .

Sydney and Melbourne are the two most important tourist cities in Australia. They are separated by a distance of more than 1000 km of coastal road that crosses the south coast of NSW and the east coast of the state of Victoria , Would you like to do one of the most popular roadtrips in Australia?

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Mimosa Wines, Sydney to Melbourne Route, NSW Australia

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How to get from Sydney to Melbourne

You can travel to Melbourne by plane , bus , train or by road (Car or van).

If you have time and want to take a coastal route through Australia , either in a mythical van or in a car, we definitely recommend this road. Why?

  • Because it is a coastal road : Following the Princess A1 highway you will travel through coastal towns, secluded white sand beaches and national parks.
  • Because you will have the opportunity to surf good waves and see many Australian animals (Kangaroos, wombats, dolphins, sea lions, whales, cockatoos ...)
  • Because the distances from town to town are not as great as on other typical Australian roads, so the journey is less monotonous and you will have more places to stop along the way to eat or have a coffee.
  • Because you are going to love the south coast of NSW, it is less known than the north, but in our opinion much more beautiful.

The Famous Berry Donut Van, Berry, From Sydney to Melbourne NSW Australia

Sydney to Melbourne Coastal Route: Technical Data

  • Distance from Sydney to Melbourne : 1032 Km.
  • Main roads to follow:
    • Grand Pacific Drive
    • A1, Princes Highway
    • Marlo Road C107
    • M1 Princess Fwy
  • Time from Sydney to Melbourne: Whenever we are going to start a trip we ask ourselves the same question: How long does it take? How many hours is from Sydney to Melbourne? According to Google Maps, it would take us almost 13 hours to make the way from Sydney to Melbourne without stopping.

In this post we are going to propose a total of 10 stages to complete your trip. Although the best thing about this type of trip is that it is improvised, that it becomes an adventure and that you decide to stop or stay longer in the places that attract your attention or like the most.

Kangaroo Valley, Sydney to Melbourne Route, NSW Australia

What to see from Sydney to Melbourne

To make things a little easier for you and make the route more comfortable, we have created a map with all the places that we have considered of special interest to make a stop on the way on the Coastal Route from Sydney to Melbourne : Beaches, charming towns, places camping, picnic, and even a restaurant.

Now, we are going with the most important places of this Coastal Route :


Obviously, you cannot start the Sydney to Melbourne route without first spending enough time in this wonderful city. We have been living in Sydney for almost four years and we are still discovering incredible places.

Opera House Sydney, Route Sydney to Melbourne, NSW Australia

In order not to miss any of the important sites in Sydney:15 essential places and activities to visit and do in Sydney .

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Now that you know Sydney Get on your car, van or bike and Route Let's go!

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Royal national park

It is one of the most beautiful national parks in Australia and is very close to Sydney, so it must be your first stop.
You have several options:

One could be to leave the car in the town of Cronulla to enjoy a day at the beach or surf in this little surf town and then take the ferry to Bundeena , which is already part of the National Park, and enjoy its paradisiacal beach.

Bundeena Royal National Park NSW Australia

In the Royal National Park there are several hiking trails with spectacular views of the ocean, we recommend the walk from Garie Beach to Eagle Rock. You have all the information in this article: Hiking in the Royal National Park: From Garie Beach to Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock, Royal National Park, Sydney to Melbourne Route, NSW Australia

But if there is a place in the Royal National Park that you should not miss, it is Wattamolla Beach , for us one of the most curious and beautiful beaches we have ever seen.

Wattamolla Beach, Royal National Park, Sydney to Melbourne Route, NSW, Australia

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    But as we tell you below, if you are going to do the route in 10 stages, we advise you to drive a little more and spend your first night in the Killalea State Park area.

S e a Cliff Bridge

It is the icon of the Grand Pacific Drive, a 140 km highway with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean that begins at the Royal National Park and runs through the coastal towns of Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama.


It is a coastal city, very popular for skydiving and surfing . If you are interested in making a stop along the way to get to know Wollongong, take a bike ride around its surroundings or a swim in one of its beaches, you have all the information in this post: Wollongong.

Wollongong, Route Sydney to Melbourne, NSW Australia

  • More information about Wollongong by following this link: Wollongong.

Killalea State Park

If you are one of those who like nature and the beach, we advise you to spend the night in Killalea State Park, it has very good camping facilities and two beautiful beaches to surf and / or enjoy a great bath. For us the best beaches on the south coast of NSW.

Killalea State Park, Sydney to Melbourne Route, NSW Australia


If you liked The Farm and you have been left with more desire for the coast, we advise you to climb the Minnamurra hill to enjoy the views of Mystics Beach and the island. And if you feel like stretching your legs a little, you can start the Kiama Coastal Walk, we did the first stage and we really liked it.

In Minnamurra you can also find a subtropical forest, through which it is worth taking a walk to observe its vegetation.

Mistic Beach Minnamurra NSW Australia

Kangaroo Valley

If you want to know the interior of NSW this valley is ideal to enjoy good views , it has some very good hiking trails and you can also take the opportunity to see wild wombats.

Wombat in Kangaroo Valley, Route from Sydney to Melbourne, NSW Australia

Jervis bay

Jervis Bay is the jewel in the crown of the NSW coast, a true paradise of crystal clear waters and white sand. It is a mandatory stop on your route from Sydney to Melbourne.

Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, Sydney to Melbourne Route, NSW Australia


Although little known outside of Australia, the Eurobodalla region is beautiful and worth a stop on your route from Sydney to Melbourne: charming little coastal towns, secluded beaches and plenty of Australian wildlife to discover. Not to be missed.

Tuross Head, Eurobodalla, Sydney to Melbourne Route, NSW, Australia

The most curious: Pebbly Beach and its kangaroos. Surely you are looking forward to going to the beach and taking a picture with these cute little animals.

Kangaroo on Pebbly Beach, Sydney to Melbourne Route, NSW-Australia

Sapphire Coast

The Sapphire coast will be your last stop in the state of NSW, a region characterized by its famous oysters, its wines and for being a privileged place for whale watching during the months of August to November.

Kangaroos on the Sapphire Coast, Sydney to Melbourne Road, NSW Australia

Gipsy point

Gipsy Point may be your first stop in the State of Victoria, an idyllic enclave to enjoy nature and discover Croajingolong National Park.

Croajingolong National Park has beautiful hiking trails and is very popular with bird lovers. You can also see Australian iguanas and water dragons, specifically in this area the Gippsland water dragon lives, a lizard that can measure up to one meter.

Cape conran

Cape Conran is an ideal coastal park to enjoy long walks along secluded sandy beaches, surf, fish, and above all enjoy the tranquility.

Cape Conran Victoria Australia

Gippsland Lakes

This is the perfect place for lovers of water sports.

Gippsland Lakes boasts the most important waterways in Australia. The area, over 600 square kilometers, is made up of a network of lakes (King, Victoria and Wellington), swamps and lagoons. The canals are separated from the ocean by the famous dunes of Ninety Mile Beach.

Sounds idyllic right? Well, its islands are also full of wild animals: kangaroos, wallabies, koalas ...

Wilson Promontory Marine National Park

Wilson Promontory is the most important marine protected area in Victoria, so if you like diving this peninsula is going to enchant you.

The park is famous for its granite cliffs that give a very unique aspect to the coast and its deep sea.

Also on the small island of the park there are colonies of penguins, seals and seabirds. Even if you are not a diver, make a stop along the way to get to know this national park, do some of its hiking trails and enjoy nature.

Phillip island

The scenery on Phillip Island is impressive, but the island is famous primarily for the little penguins that come out of the water every afternoon to seek shelter on the shoreline.

Seeing all the mini penguins coming out of the sea to search for their burrows is a unique sight.

Penguins at Parade Phillip Island, Victoria, Sydney to Melbourne Route, Australia

  • On this website you can find all the information you need about the penguins of Phillip Island: www.penguins.org.au

Mornington peninsula

Already very close to Melbourne Mornington Peninsula is a region with a lot of charm: small art galleries, cafes overlooking the sea, wineries and beaches less crowded than those of Melbourne.

Mount Martha beach with its colorful bath houses is beautiful, and much less known than Brighton beach in Melbourne, which is always very crowded with people taking photos in bath houses.

Mount Martha bathing boxes, Sydney to Melbourne Route, Victoria, Australia


After these ten days traveling part of the east and south coast of Australia, you still have to leave your strength to know Melbourne, a cosmopolitan city with a lot of life in its streets: Restaurants, bars, museums, festivals, street art, large parks, walks to the riverside, beaches ...

Melbourne Victoria Australia Graffiti

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Itinerary of 10 days proposed by stages and accommodation.

Although you are the one who is going to decide what time you have to do this road trip and to which places you prefer to spend more time, in this article we are going to propose a very complete 10-day itinerary to travel the east coast of Australia from Sydney to Melbourne.

Day 1: Sydney to Killalea State Park

To stay at Killalea State Park, it is best to camp in the same reserve, so you can enjoy a night in nature and have the two most famous beaches of the natural park a stone's throw away.

We were at the campsite with our friends and we loved the experience. The toilets, showers and barbecues are very well kept.

If camping is not your thing then you can book accommodation in Kiama or Shellharbour.

Our preferred accommodations in these towns are:

Day 2: From Killalea to Gerroa (Or Gerrington) via Minnamurra

If you are looking for accommodation in Gerroa, it will be very difficult because the town is very small, so we recommend you take a look at the Airbnb page .

If you have not yet registered with Airbnb and you do it through the link that we leave you, you will have a discount of 55 AUD on your first reservation.

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Another option is to stay in Gerringon. Our preferred accommodation in Gerrington is the Park Ridge Retreat.

Day 3: From Gerroa to Kangaroo Valley

Before looking for a hotel in this area, we recommend that you take a look at the Airbnb options . In rural areas of Australia, hotels are scarce and also tend to be more expensive.

If you decide that Airbnb does not suit you and you prefer to stay in a hotel, even if it is more expensive, then we recommend that you look for it through Booking.com , we really like this hotel: The Laurels B&B S

Now you can also search for holiday apartments through Booking.com and find some very interesting offers.

Day 4: From Kangaroo Valley to Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is one of our favorite places on the south coast of NSW, we have been a thousand times and I think we have tried all the possible accommodations: Camping, holiday home, hotel… ?.

When we have been with friends we have booked a house in the town of Vincentia or in Culburra Beach through Airbnb . In the Jervis Bay area there are many houses and apartments to reserve at different prices.

If you go with many friends, we recommend that you give yourself a luxury and rent a house next to the beach, it is very worth it.

House. How much does it cost to travel to Australia

If you travel alone or as a couple, a good option is to book a bungalow in a campsite, it is cheaper than a hotel and allows you to save on food. These are the campsites that we recommend in Jervis Bay:

We have been to the Jervis Bay Holiday Park and we found it very nice, although we did not rent a bungalow because we took our tent.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel, these are our recommendations:

Day 5: Jervis Bay to Hobart Beach

If you like nature, you will love the Hobart Beach campsite. It is a government camping area with toilets, showers and barbecue areas. We spent three nights there and we really liked it.

You can find more information by following this link: Hobart Beach Campground.

If camping is not your style, then we advise you to look for accommodation in the towns of Merimbula or Eden . Our preferred hotels for this stage are:

Day 6: Hobart Beach to Cape Conran

As in the previous stage, if you want to camp in Cape Conran you can find beautiful camping areas such as Pearl Point Campground, Gunnai Campground or Binns Campground.

You can find more information on the Government of Victoria's Cape Conran Coastal Park website.

If you do not have accessories and camping equipment or want to stay in a hotel, then you will have to look in a nearby town like Orbost . Orbost's top rated hotel is the Orbost Motel.

Day 7: Cape Conran to Wilson Promontory

The Wilson Promontory National Park area is very popular, so it won't be hard to find good accommodations near the park.

The best hotels in the area are:

If you are looking for something cheaper then, as in the previous stages, we recommend that you look at Airbnb.

Are you planning to go camping? Well, at Wilson Promontory you will not have any problems, take a look at these campsites:

Day 8: Wilson Promontory to Phillip Island

Since you will be scheduled to go see the penguins at Phillip Island, it is best to sleep there, so you do not have to worry about driving a lot when the parade of these animals is over.

Our recommendations on Phillip Island are:

Day 9: Phillip Island to Melbourne

As a great city, you will have no problem finding good accommodation in Melbourne, either through Airbnb or Booking.com.

As always, depending on whether we have traveled with friends or alone, we have chosen a hotel or apartment to stay. Our favorite accommodations in Melbourne are:

Day 10: Melbourne

Melbourne Victoria Australia

Did you make the Sydney to Melbourne route? Have you traveled to the south of NSW or east of the state of Victoria? If you want to share your experience with us and with other travelers, leave us a comment. Together we can improve the information of the route for future travelers.

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