If you are one of those who like to investigate the typical dishes of Australia or the gastronomy of a country before visiting it and you are interested in knowing what the typical Australian food is, keep reading because in this article we are going to talk about Australian cuisine and the best places in Australia to taste it.

Typical Australian Food

Meat pie

Traditional Australian meat pies are the size of your hand and filled with meat and sauce and coated in tomato sauce. Today you can find cakes with different fillings and the truth is that some are delicious.

Harry's Cafe de Wheels restaurants are very famous for their meat pies.

Meat Pie typical Australian food


It is a meringue cake covered in cream and with fruits on top. They usually put strawberries and passion fruit.

They say that to taste the best pavlovas in Sydney you should go to Ester restaurant in Chippendale or the Icerbergs dining Room in North Bondi.

pavlova gastronomy australia


They are a cardinal sin, definitely. The Tim-Tams are chocolate cookies that are delicious. You can't leave Australia without trying them.

You can buy Tim-Tam cookies at any supermarket.

tim-tam typical Australian producer


What do you eat for breakfast in Australia? The typical dish of Australia for children (and sometimes not so children) is vegemite. It is a dark, salty cream made with brewer's yeast that is spread on toast.

We encourage you to try it, but we already anticipate that it has a very strong flavor.

who have breakfast in australia vegemite

Anzac Biscuits

They are oatmeal cookies with a high nutritional value. They are so called because they were the cookies that were sent to the ANZAC troops during the Battle of Gallipoli in World War I.

anzac biscuits typical australian food


What would the Australians be without sun barbecues? .

In Australia you can find barbecues in the vast majority of parks, especially in Sydney where the weather is very good all year round and people love to go out for the day having a barbecue with friends.

Fish and Chips

This dish is very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries. Here it is normally served in a bamboo basket and it is a very typical Sunday meal in coastal places.

If you are in Sydney Palm Beach or La Perouse are good places to go for a fish and chips near the sea.

fish and chips typical australian food


They are known as the Australian pie. They are some coconut-coated chocolate cupcakes.

The best lamingtons can be found at Jocelyn's Provisions in Brisbane, Flour & Stone in Sydney or Adriano Zumbo, Melbourne.

Lamingtons Typical Australian Dessert


Barramundi is an aboriginal word that means big river fish.

It is the most popular fish in Australia, you will find it on the menu of almost all restaurants and it is delicious. It is a white fish with a very mild flavor, it reminds us a lot of grouper.


Yes, although you are very sorry to eat the kangaroo, and it is a very healthy red meat because it has very little fat. You can find kangaroo meat in steaks, sausages or hamburgers, it is one of the typical dishes of Australia.

You can buy kangaroo meat in the supermarket and cook it in one of the many barbecues that you will find in the parks of Australia. A very popular place to try kangaroo meat is The Austalian Heritage Hotel restaurant in The Rocks, Sydney, here you can order the Roo pizza whose main ingredients are kangaroo and emu.

kangaroo meat typical dishes australia

Beetroot burger

In Australia, it is super typical for Australian beef burgers to add a slice of beet, it is a unique touch of Down Under.
You can try the Aussie Burger in any local pub in Australia.

beetroot burger typical australian dishes

Tasmanian Manuka Honey

Mānuka honey is produced by European honey bees that feed on the mānuka or tea tree (Leptospermum scoparium) that grows uncultivated throughout New Zealand and southeastern Australia.

Healing properties are attributed to this honey and in Australia you can find it in supermarkets and pharmacies.
It is quite expensive honey but it is delicious.

manuka honey typical products from Australia
Macadamia nuts

The macadamia nut is a dried fruit that comes from a tree native to Australia, northeastern New South Wales, and Queensland.

They are delicious, maybe you have tried the macadamia nut ice cream which is delicious.

macadamia nuts typical products from australia
Surely we miss some typical Australian food, but we will add more as we remember and if you know any that we have missed, leave us a comment.

Typical Australian food for breakfast

Although I do not know if we could treat it as part of Australian cuisine, for us the best food in Australia at brunch . Brunch in Australia is delicious and super varied: sourdough bread toasts with avocado and salmon and poached eggs, scrambled eggs and bacon, pancakes with honey ...

Although a good brunch costs around $ 20, it is worth going to a good cafeteria and enjoying an Australian brunch in the sun on a terrace, it is a pleasure that many Australians enjoy every weekend, here it is almost a tradition.

Every time we visit an Australian city, we go to the cafeteria with the best user opinions for brunch, here are some of our favorites:

Typical Australian drinks


The most popular appellations of origin in Australia are Barossa Valley in South Australia and Margaret River in Western Australia.

Craft Beer

You can craft beers in most Australian pubs, if you are one of those who like to try different beers here you will not get bored.

We really like Young Herys beer, made in Newtown, one of the most alternative neighborhoods in Sydney.

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine, particularly Tasmanian bubbly , is very popular in Australia. Some of the best known brands are Pirie, Arras and Josef Chrom.

wine typical Australian drink


Believe it or not, coffee is an institution in Australia and here they treat this drink with all the respect it deserves.

To prepare coffees in Australia you need a barista course or experience making coffees, here they don't let just anyone approach the coffee makers?

And to give you an idea, the coffee in Australian coffee shops is so good that the famous chain of coffee houses Starbucks cannot compete with them. ?

Do you want to know what coffee to order in Australia? Come on, let's tell you what the cafeteria menu is:

  • Espresso / short black: As in all places in the world, it is a small glass of coffee, with nothing else. A single that we call you in United States.
  • Flat white: It is an Australian invention that is becoming very famous in the United States and England. It is a single coffee with milk and a little foam. It is served in a cup.
  • Latte: It is like flat white but with more foam and is served in a glass.
  • Cappuccino: A single with hot milk and milk foam or cream.
  • Long black: It is a single double with hot water.
  • Ristretto: A single double with a little less water.
  • Piccolo: It's like latte, but in a small version.
  • Macchiato: A single with a little frothy milk.
  • Mocha: It is a coffee with milk, foam and chocolate syrup.

cafe the grorunds of alexandria

Typical Australian food for children


See if they like coffee in Australia, they even have a children's version. The babycino is made with hot milk and a lot of foam, also they usually accompany it with masmelos.


As I have already mentioned, it is the traditional breakfast for children in Australia. They take it on toast with a little butter.

Fairy bread

It is white sliced ​​bread with butter or margarine covered in sugar shavings of many colors.

Have you wanted to travel to Australia to try its most typical dishes? I can assure you that Tim Tam would be able to cross half the world with the cookies?

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