Although Australia are not just beaches, not all the beaches in Australia are paradisiacal, they do have a wild air that makes them very special and for us it is essential in every trip to visit some of the best beaches in Australia.

We have made this selection of the best beaches in Australia taking into account our personal experience living in Australia for more than five years. As you can see by looking at the photos, we have had the great luck to enjoy most of these beaches (Cable Beach and Shell Beach still resist us), so we can attest that they are wonderful. I hope you like them as much as we do.

You will tell us when you visit them if you have found them as beautiful as we do or if you would add any more to our selection of the best beaches in Australia, surely we have left some in the pipeline.

Come on, put on your swimsuit, grab your towel and dab on sunscreen as we take you to explore some of the best and most famous beaches in Australia.

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Australia's best beaches map

We leave you a map where you can locate the best beaches in Australia.

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The 15 Best Beaches in Australia: Our Pick

1. Whitehaven Beach

It is for many the most beautiful beach in the world. Although in this year 2019 it has not been classified by Trip Advisor users as one of the best beaches in the world, it is still considered the most beautiful in Australia.

We haven't seen all the beaches on the planet, but we only have one word to describe Whitehaven Beach: Spectacular.

Not only for the beauty of the beach but for the place where it is located and the way to get there. Located on an island that is part of a group of more than 70 and which can only be accessed by boat.

Whitehaven Beach Queensland Australia

2. Cape Hillsborough kangaroos beach

Although much less known than the previous one, Cape Hillsborough Kangaroos beach is the best beach in Australia to see kangaroos. Getting up at dawn and finding yourself on the shore of the beach full of kangaroos eating is an indescribable sensation, we couldn't like it more.

In addition, the beach itself is tropical, wild and located in the center of a natural park, a real beauty.

Cape Hillsborough Kangaroos beach

3. Cape Tribulation Beach

And we are still in the state of Queensland.

We have to admit that we will not dare to bathe or lie down to sunbathe quietly in Cape Tribulation, too many animals inhabit the area (crocodiles, jellyfish, sharks ...), but the beach is beautiful, a tropical paradise.

Cape Tribulation Quennsland Australia

4. Cable Beach

Surely you have seen a photo of a beach with a movie sunset and a long line of camels walking along the shore of the beach to enjoy the spectacular sunset. Well, this beach is Cable Beach, located in the state of Western Australia.

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5. Vivonne Bay Beach

This lonely beach was once voted the most beautiful beach in Australia in a study conducted by the University of Sydney.

Vivonne Bay, with fine sand and crystal clear water, is ideal for enjoying a day at the beach or surfing. You will also find it on Kangaroo Island, an authentic natural gem full of wildlife.

Vivonne Bay South Australia

6. Wattamolla Beach

We have already named it a thousand times on the blog, and it has become one of our favorite beaches in Australia. Why?

Because Wattamolla Beach is very close to Sydney, because its enclave is impressive, the Royal National Park , and because a beach with a waterfall and a lake is the most curious and different that we have found when it comes to beaches.

Wattamolla Beach NSW Australia

  • If you have been wanting to know more about this beach, follow this link: Wattamolla Beach , the most famous beach in the Royal National Park.

7. Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay is the beach with the whitest sand in the world:

Hyams Beach Jervis Bay NSW Australia

Very white right? Jervis bay is a paradise located just 2.5 hours south of Sydney.

We go every year to enjoy its beaches and it always surprises us with some new and lonely beach that we still don't know about.


8. Main Beach Byron Bay

For its surfing atmosphere and its good vibes we could not leave Byron Bay beach out of this selection.

Byron Bay NSW Australia

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9. Anna Bay Beach

Spend a fun day sliding down the dunes of Anna Bay and enjoy a day at the beach very different from the one you are used to.

Anna Bay Port Stephens NSW Australia

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10. Mount Martha Beach

Surely you have seen photos of the colorful bath houses on the beaches of Melbourne. Although the best known is Brighton Beach, we recommend Mount Martha Beach on Mornington Peninsula because it is much less crowded and has a more authentic and local character.

Mount Martha Beach Victoria Australia

11. Bondi Beach

It is the most famous beach in Australia.

Although the beach is always full of people, it is undoubtedly a surfing and lifestyle icon of Sydney and a must see in Australia .

Bondi Beach NSW Australia

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12.- Noosa Spit. Dog Beach.

In Noosa the beaches are beautiful. It was very difficult for us to decide on one or the other for this selection, but as different we have decided to recommend Dog Beach, the beach that is located in the Noosa Spit nature reserve.

It is a sandy beach located at the mouth of the Noosa River and changes a lot according to the tides.

It is perfect to lie down to sunbathe or reach it with a kayak after taking a walk through the canals of Noosa.

If you are in Noosa you cannot miss Noosa Heads Main Beach , especially if you like surfing.

Noosa Spit What to do in Noosa

13.- Hamelin Bay Beach

Hamelin beach fell in love with us since we put the prime in its very white sand.

Hamelin is a beautiful beach, with white sand, crystal clear waters and where stingrays bathe on the shore, so you can take a bath with stingrays without getting your head wet or even see them from the shore of the beach.

In addition, the beach is located in the Margaret River region, a perfect area to spend a few days enjoying good wine, spectacular coastal landscapes and surfing.

Hamelin Bay Beach beaches of Australia

14.- Manly Beach

Another one of the beaches that you cannot miss in Sydney is Manly Beach, not only because this year it has been selected as one of the best beaches in the world on Trip Advisor, but because both the beach and the town of Manly are worth a visit. Especially if you do it by ferry from Sydney and return from Manly to Sydney at sunset, you will fall in love with the views of Sydney Harbor.

Sydney Manly Beach beaches

15.- Shell Beach

We confess that we have not yet had the opportunity to visit this beach in Australia, but we would love it.

It must be very curious to put your feet on a beach with white shells, it certainly deserves to be in our selection of the best beaches in Australia.

Shell Beach beaches Australia

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One of the greatest attractions of Australia are its fabulous and spectacular beaches , all of them so different from each other and where you can find waterfalls, dunes, tropical forests, camels, crocodiles, dolphins ...

Have you traveled to Australia? Are you living or have you lived in Australia? What are your favorite beaches in the country? Leave us your opinions and suggestions in the comments and help us find the best beaches in Australia .

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