If you still don't know where you are going to travel in 2019 and you want to make an unforgettable trip this year, we suggest the country of kangaroos and we give you 9 reasons to travel to Australia.

Australia is one of those countries that catches our attention and that we have all thought of as a travel destination at least once in our lives: Because it is an exotic, original destination, due to the uniqueness of its landscapes and its animals and Because it is a great unknown in western countries, we have very little information about Australia.

Perhaps you have not yet decided to travel to Australia because of its remoteness, because you do not know what is the best time to visit the country, because you have no idea where to start organizing the trip or because you have not managed to put together the vacation days enough to make a good route through the country.

But what if this is your year to travel to Australia? What if this year you can see koalas or kangaroos in the wild? Wouldn't you love to see the Sydney Harbor fireworks you always see on the news on New Year's Eve live?

So come on, cheer up and take off that laziness that planning this trip gives you. In our blog you have a lot of articles that can help you plan your trip to Australia and in this post we are going to give you the 9 reasons to travel to Australia.

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1.- The Great Barrier Reef

Snorkeling or diving in Australia's Great Barrier Reef is simply AWESOME, one of the reasons to travel to Australia.

It is difficult to describe in words what it feels like to be underwater enjoying the different corals, chasing brightly colored fish with your hands, watching coral sharks pass by, and swimming alongside turtles. It is a unique experience that we recommend you enjoy once in your life.

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why Australia. Great Barrier Reef

Where to stay in Cairns:

2.- Uluru, a unique rock in the world

If you have ever thought about traveling to Australia you surely know what we are talking about. Uluru is a rock formation that stands majestically in the middle of the Australian Red Center.

It is a sacred place for the Australian aborigines, a rock with a special magic full of stories and legends, religious ceremonies, hunting teachings and life lessons.

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Uluru one of the best reasons to travel to Australia

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Where to stay in Uluru:

3.- Australian animals

If you want to see kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, platypus, koalas, the tasmanian devil or saltwater crocodiles in their natural habitat, you have no choice but to travel to Australia.

To me, this reason in itself seems more than enough to pack my bags and get on a plane heading Down Under.

When you see a kangaroo jumping free for the first time in your life you are hallucinating.

Auastralian animals. Reasons to travel to Australia

4.-Sydney Bay

Sydney is a beautiful city, and we do not say it just because it was our home for more than five years, but because it really is one of the most beautiful cities that we have seen in our travels around the world and it is already one of the best. reasons to travel to Australia.

Sydney Harbor with the opera building, the famous bridge, the botanical garden and Luna Park is a postcard.

Taking a photo for yourself of Sydney Harbor from one of the ferries that cross it is a luxury.

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Photo of Sydney Bay from the Ferry

Where to stay in Sydney:

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5.- Spend a different Christmas and enjoy spectacular fireworks on New Year's Eve

Australia is cool at Christmas.

At least once in your life you have to live the experience of spending Christmas on the beach with a swimsuit and a Santa hat.

Although at 30 degrees it is difficult to feel the Christmas spirit, in Australia Christmas is celebrated, and in style.

The fireworks that light up Sydney Harbor on the night of December 31 are famous all over the world and impressive to live.

Sydney Bay Fireworks

6.- Try the Australian Way of Life

A different more daytime, informal and surfer lifestyle awaits you on the east coast of New South Wales.

Change the chip and think about enjoying the day more than the night: Get up early to catch the best waves, change breakfast for a brunch with avocado, sunbathe on the beach, go ahead and prepare a typical Australian barbecue and enjoy the afternoon sipping a good Barossa Valley wine sitting around a picnic blanket on the lawn.

Maybe it happens to you like us and you like it so much that you decide to stay for a while, so be careful with the Aussie roll, which is very hooking.

Reasons to travel to Australia. Australian Way of Life

7.- Learn or perfect English.

Improving your English is another of the best excuses to travel to Australia.

If you compare it with other English-speaking countries, Australia is one of the best for learning or perfecting your English: The weather is great, the places you can visit impressive, the Australians are magnificent and the country is super safe.

Of course, between gray England and sunny Australia, we are clear about which country we are left with. And you?

Study English in Australia

8.- Wild Nature

If you are a nature lover, Australia is your country.

In few places is nature as spectacular and unspoiled as in Australia.

From the colorful and lively depths of the sea of ​​the two Barriers of Coral that you can find in Australia on the east coast in Queensland and on the west in Broome, to the wild landscapes of Darwin, the tropical ones of North Queensland, the deserts of the center of the country or the Mediterranean of the south.

Immersing yourself in the waters of the Pacific and discovering the spectacular seabed of the east coast, enjoying incredible hiking trails in Tasmania or in the tropical forests of Queensland and camping on the coast of NSW is an experience worth living.

Reasons to travel to Australia. Wild nature

9.- Surf

If you are a surfer, you have 8 reasons that we have given you in this article and you just need to remember that Byron Bay, the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Bells Beach, Snapper Rock, Kirra, or Margaret River are places and famous waves to surf in Australia.

Reasons to travel to Australia. Surf

If after reading this article you have wanted to start looking for airline tickets to Australia then we have achieved our goal.

If you want to travel to Australia we recommend that you take a look at our article Travel to Australia Cheap and start looking for your flights with Skyscanner.

If you are still not completely convinced, we recommend that you see photos of the country and think that traveling to Australia is a unique experience , because the country is spectacular: Its geographically isolated situation from the rest of the world has allowed Australia to maintain a unique fauna and flora which together with the beauty of its landscapes makes it the ideal destination to travel in 2019.

If you are organizing a trip to Australia, these resources will come in handy:

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