When we told our friends and family "We're going on a trip to Vanuatu! "Responses were virtually identical: Is that where ?, What are you going to do there? and Why to Vanuatu?

The Islands of the South Seas and Polynesia have been destinations that we have always had in mind. For many of us this area of ​​the world is one of the places that attracts us the most, due to the distance, the cultural shock and the beauty.

Choose destination in the Pacific

Once you dare to visit a Pacific country, you have to decide which one. There are many options: Fiji, New Caledonia, Tonga, French Polynesia, Vanuatu, etc. How complicated it is to choose a destination in the South Pacific! There are so many island paradises with dreamy white sand beaches and palm trees that reach to the seashore that it is a very difficult decision.

We thoroughly investigate all the characteristics of these islands. We weigh its pros and cons: flight hours, accommodation prices, food and transport, the most significant places to visit, excursions and the most practiced outdoor activities on the island ...

Vanuatu travel

Travel to Vanuatu

The conclusions of our research were decisive in our decision. These are some of the most prominent variables.

With the exception of French Polynesia, flights to any of these islands are quite affordable from Australia or New Zealand, but not from Europe or America. But if you are in Sydney it is very cheap and simple.

The stay or accommodation on the islands is expensive, in all of which we have investigated and although there are reasonable accommodation in tourist apartments, we decided on medium-priced hotels.

Of course the most popular activities are excursions, snorkeling or diving, hiking, beaches, etc. As for tours or excursions it is important not to skimp because it is for example in Vanuatu it is the most reliable way to see the highlights. And this is where we made the decision.

The South Pacific Islands have two seasons a year, a rainy season from October to March and a dry season from April to September. When you decide to invest in a trip it is important to take these details into account to avoid disappointment.

And you will continue asking you Okay, but why Vanuatu ?. Because on the small Island of Tanna is Mount Yasur , the most accessible active volcano in the world.

Neither paradises of white sand, turquoise waters, palm trees, or coral reefs led us to Vanuatu, which also has them. It was the Mount Yasur volcano that led us to Vanuatu, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe the force of nature from the front row. A spectacular experience that we will never forget.

Mount Yasur

Fun facts

Now we are going to summarize a bit what Vanuatu is like. The Republic of Vanuatu is an archipelago of islands located in the Pacific Ocean, about 1800 kilometers east of northern Australia. It is curious that it is not a very well known island in the United States, because the first Europeans who arrived in 1606 were part of a Spanish expedition, hence the current name of its largest island, Espíritu Santo .

Vanuatu woman Tanna

The language spoken in Vanuatu is Bislama , a mixture of its traditional language of Melanesian culture, with words that come from English and French. It is very curious to hear them speak, it is difficult to get used to the idea that they are speaking in their own dialect. The truth is that in Vanuatu you study in English and French. Most of its people speak at least three languages ​​and some even other dialects that are used in the islands.

Coral reef Vanuatu

The Vanuatu archipelago is made up of 82 islands of volcanic origin, of which 65 are uninhabited. Although we had a hard time deciding, we chose to visit only three of them: Espiritu Santo , Tanna and Efate. With great sadness we discard the island of Pentecost, famous for the ritual carried out for the harvest of the yam, origin of the Bunji, the jump into the void or the jump of Vanuatu.

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Crystal clear beaches, coral reefs, rainforest, tribal villages, waterfalls, giant trees, deserted beaches, charming people, active volcanoes, traditional dances and a rich culture .

Do you want to know more about Vanuatu? Don't miss our Vanuatu Guide , we have tips to organize your trip, very useful information and photos that will make you want to travel to Vanuatu on your next vacation.

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