Tanna is one of the 82 islands that make up the country of Vanuatu, located in the Pacific Ocean. Traveling to Vanuatu and Tanna is not easy, so if you are looking for more information on how to travel to Vanuatu or what is the best time to travel to Vanuatu, we recommend that you visit our article Guide to travel to Vanuatu .

Tanna is an isolated place that is not exploited for tourism, although there are a handful of hotels where you can stay during your stay on the island. When we visited Tanna they were building the first paved road that ran along part of the island along the coast.

We were struck by the fact that the island's inhabitants always walked with a machete in their hand. When we asked we were told that it was to make our way through the roads that connect the villages to each other. You can already get an idea of ​​how authentic the island is and how special it is for travelers like us.

The natives of the island are mainly engaged in agriculture and fishing. The people of Tanna are still divided into tribes , as in the rest of the Vanuatu islands, so the country has a great cultural diversity. Those tribes are landowners , for example the volcano is owned by a tribe. That is why it is so important to be accompanied by a local guide when you visit the island, you must be careful not to enter the territory of a tribe or family and create a misunderstanding.

Tanna Vanuatu Map

We have prepared a map with the best things to see on the island of Tanna:

What to see and do on Tanna Island

Mount Yasur Volcano Tour

It is the biggest attraction on the island and probably the country. Mount Yasur is the most accessible active volcano in the world . If you want to see an erupting volcano from the edge of the crater and feel the power of nature this is the perfect place.

It is an impressive spectacle. The ground shakes with each lava explosion, which happens every two to three minutes. During the day, the reddish color of the stones flying through the air is not appreciated but when it gets dark they turn orange and it is an extraordinary experience .

Mount Yasur Tanna Jose

Shark bay

There is a small bay on Tanna Island where you can see sharks . Many sharks flock to this bay attracted by the high water temperatures, a consequence of the heat of some underwater water jets that are located in the bay. From a cliff you can see how sharks swim freely.

Shark bay Vanuatu

Port Resolution

It is a very popular natural harbor among sailors crossing the Pacific Ocean. In fact, there is a bar with flags from all over the world left by the crew of these ships when they dock in the port.

Port Resolution beach is black sand and has a part where the water emerges from the rock at a high temperature . The islanders cook bananas and fish on this rock when the tide is out.

A few meters from the beach there is a fumarole. Taking a short path you will reach a hole in the middle of the jungle from where gases emanate from the depths of the earth.

Port Resolution Tanna Vanuatu

Toka Festival

We were not lucky enough to witness this festival, but it has to be impressive. It is the most important festival that is celebrated on the island of Tanna. It takes place for three days every three to four years, usually in October. While singing and dancing, the natives of Tanna take the opportunity to discuss the problems of their tribes and marriage agreements.

Tanna Circumcision Ceremony

It is a ceremony that is held every year in July or August. The children's families and villagers spend months organizing this ceremony that lasts a few days.

Traditional food is baked and the best delicacies of products produced on the island such as kava or jam are served. The women and girls dress in colorful skirts made from palm leaves, paint their faces and adorn themselves with feathers while the men prepare the place where the ceremony will take place.

Vanuatu festival

Dances are performed and people sing thanking nature for the animals, abundant crops and life.

We were lucky to witness this ceremony and it is something we will never forget. It is a unique, traditional, authentic show and as wild as the rest of the island.

Sulfur Bay

This bay is very close to Mount Yasur and was the place where James Cook first set foot on the island of Tanna, attracted by the smoke from the volcano.

Blue cave

It is one of the most popular excursions in Tanna. A boat takes you to the entrance of a cave that you have to dive into when the tide is low. Once in the cave the vision is spectacular: A huge cavern with a hole in the roof that allows sunlight to enter and illuminate the water that is an incredible turquoise blue color.

  • We booked the tour through our accommodation in Tanna and it was a disaster. Apparently the boatman forgot to come to pick us up at the time we had agreed and we could not do the tour

    Therefore, if you want to see the blue cave, we recommend that you book the excursion through the Get Your Guide website by following this link:

    Tanna: Blue Cave Tour

Giant banyan tree

Very close to the village of Leitouapam is the largest banyan tree in the world.

Banyan Tree Tanna Vanuatu

Blue Hole Number Two

It is a natural pool formed by corals that you can enter through an opening to the sea. It is perfect for snorkeling, it is like being in an aquarium surrounded by corals and fish. It should be done at low tide as this is when the pool appears. The Blue Hole is located very close to White Grass Ocean Resort .

Louniel beach

It is a volcanic sand beach with stunning views of the Mount Yasur smoke column.

Where to stay in Tanna?

As for accommodation, there are several hotels on the island of Tanna. We stayed in the most authentic hotel we have been to to date. It only has two cabins (although they were building the third).

Alofa hotel Vanuatu

The hotel is located a hundred meters from a kilometer-long beach perfect for a stroll at sunset. We had a picnic on the beach with a bottle of wine to say goodbye to the day and the views were spectacular. The next day we went back to the beach to see how the locals fished and the children played on the beach and we were lucky to see a whale, a marvel.

The hotel is called Alofa Beach Bungalows , and its price is medium. It is very close to the airport. Everything was very close to home, the owner of the hotel was great and helped us organize all the excursions around the island that we had in mind. Also the food was exquisite.

Alofa hotel Tanna Vanuatu garden

  • We stay at the Alofa Beach Bungalows hotel and we recommend it 100%, but if it is already occupied when you make your reservation or you want to know the accommodation offer in Tanna, you can do so through the Booking. com.

Tips for traveling to Tanna

1.- On the island of Tanna the distances are not very great, but the roads are dirt roads and depending on the rains they are sometimes very damaged. We would not have been able to drive there, it seemed crazy to us. Our advice is that you hire a local driver to show you the places you want to see on the island. You can contact your hotel and ask them to do the management for you.

2. - 2 or 3 days on the island are enough to see the most beautiful places in Tanna.

3. - Book your accommodation in advance because there are not many hotels on the island.

In conclusion we would like to encourage you to travel to Vanuaru, because it is a unique place, very rich culturally and with landscapes and very hospitable and friendly people.

  • If you still have doubts or need more reasons to decide to travel to Vanuatu, take a look at the article Why Vanuatu? where we tell you why these Pacific islands are one of the most impressive places in the world.

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