Would you like to climb the tallest building in the world, see the famous palm tree of artificial islands, know the Abu Dhabi mosque or the city of Dubai and all this, for just a few dollars? The airline of the United Arab Emirates Emirates offers you hotel, food and transport to and from the airport for free on your stopover in Dubai.

The Emirates airline gives customers who make a stopover in Dubai a package to enjoy that time. It includes hotel, food (at the hotel) and transportation from the airport. If you live like us in Australia or think about traveling to Oceania or Asia from Europe, this is an offer that can make your trip much more comfortable and fun.

Escala in Dubai

When we think of stopovers on a trip, what comes to mind are waiting, uncomfortable chairs, worrying about our things and walks through the airport spending money at Duty Free.

But we discovered some time ago that taking such long 23 - 25 hour flights it is best to make a stopover where to rest a little, stretch your legs, leave the airport and visit some new place.

One option is to organize a stopover where you can visit a place like Bangkok or Beijing. But sometimes the budget does not allow it or we want to spend as many days as possible with family and friends or visiting our final destination.

Another option is to look for the most direct flight in which the stopovers are short. Although it is not always possible and it is also quite exhausting, especially for those of us who live so far away.

Our option in recent years has been to make a stopover in Dubai, flying with the Emirates airline. This airline gives customers with a stopover between 8 and 24 hours , hotel, transportation from the airport and food, all free. Yes, free!

During your stopovers you can take the opportunity to visit Dubai, capital of the United Arab Emirates. You can go to see sunset in the desert, take a bath on the beach, go shopping in its gigantic shopping centers, visit the old city or simply walk around the city. If you dare, you can also go to see the Sheikh Zayed Mosque located in Abu Dhabi (approximately an hour and a half by taxi from Dubai).

If you want to book your excursion to the mosque you can do it through Trip Advisor and so you can know the opinions of other travelers about this tour. Follow this link to book your Sheikh Zayed Mosque tour.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

If you don't believe it, you can read the Dubai Connect conditions directly from the Emirates official website: Dubai Connect.

Flights and accommodation on your own

If you are looking for flights, we recommend the Skyscanner comparator . In our Skyscanner article , find the cheapest flights with this tutorial , we explain how to find the cheapest flight.

Dubai is a city where luxury has reached the extreme, the most futuristic and craziest constructions are found here. It may not be worth taking a trip just to see Dubai or spending a whole week in the city. But visiting the city for a few hours is highly advisable.

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Dubai Free room and board when you fly with Emirates

Article published in 2015 and updated in 2018