For those of us who are far from home or those of us who like great trips, it is a fantastic opportunity to make a stopover where we can do a little sightseeing. In this article we are going to tell you about Doha, a city located on the Persian Gulf, the capital of Qatar and the base of the Qatar Airways airline . Probably this city does not fit into the traveling plans of almost anyone but if they offer you to visit it during a stopover it becomes an interesting option, don't you think?

As a consequence of its geographical situation (Bridge between the West and the East), countries in this area such as Qatar or the United Arab Emirates (Take a look at the post Dubai and Emirates ), have created airlines that offer free tours, hotels and food to their passengers when the scale in the country is long. This time we enjoyed a free city tour of Doha.

Doha is a city where almost two million inhabitants live, of which 85% of them are immigrants who work in the country . Qatar is a country developed thanks to the sale of oil and gas that is currently trying to open up to new businesses such as airlines and tourism.

Here we summarize our visit to the highlights of Doha:

The port of Doha

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Doha, Qatar

Where hundreds of traditional-style boats are moored for walks around the bay, this is one of the favorite pastimes of the inhabitants of this city, where romantic dinners, weddings and all kinds of events are held. In addition, the situation of the port allows a spectacular panoramic view of the city.

The city

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We only crossed it mounted on the bus while the guide explained the history of this small country , the vast majority are companies related to gas and oil and official buildings. It is worth highlighting the architecture of its buildings, some of them impressive, the truth is that we would have liked to spend a little more time there to appreciate it.

Souq Waqif market

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Without a doubt, what we liked the most was this market, which although it has been renovated, still preserves the spirit of the souk, sweets, jewelry, souvenirs, Arab-style clothes and even animals are part of the offer of this place . We opted for some sweets, and the good thing is that you can pay in American dollars, US dollars and surely some other currency so do not worry about changing to the local currency, the Qatari Riyal.

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The tour is completely free, lasts three and a half hours and is carried out in a bus with a guide who summarizes the history and official situation of the country. There are different schedules for the tours and there are three a day, the most important thing you should know is that places are limited , therefore as soon as the bus is full, the free tour cannot be done. When you get off the plane, run to the counter located in the main hall of the airport to get your Star!

If you have the opportunity to stop in Doha, don't miss this curious excursion.