Yes, you can travel to Australia cheap . Although it is very strange to hear these words in the same sentence, there are some tricks to get cheap flights to Australia .

After more than five years living in Australia we have become experts in finding the cheapest flights to travel to Australia and in this article we will tell you how you can do it.

Cheap travel to Australia

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How to get cheap flights to Australia

As we already told you in the article in this blog: Skyscanner: Find cheap flights with this tutorial , for us, every cheap trip to Australia begins by entering Skyscanner to find flights at the best price.

Skyscanner is for us the most powerful flight comparator and where we always find the best deals, that's why we recommend it.

The first thing to keep in mind to travel to Australia cheap is that you must be flexible with the dates of your trip. If you want to save money on the flight to Australia, it is important that you find out which is the cheapest month to travel to Australia . But that is very easy with this platform by following the instructions that we will explain below.

If you don't have great flexibility for your trip, we recommend that you visit our tutorial on Skyscanner. There you will find other tricks to find cheap flights such as flight price alerts, flight price calendar, flights by months, etc.

  • Before continuing, we want to clarify that in this article we only talk about how to get cheap flights to Australia . If you are looking for an article that tells you how to travel cheaply in Australia, you can complete the information we give you here with the post 39 tips to save on your trip to Australia.

When is it cheaper to travel to Australia or what is the cheapest time to travel to Australia

The cheapest time of year to travel to Australia is during the winter, between June and August. Other times that are traditionally cheaper to travel to Australia are the months of April and May, and also before Christmas, between October and November.

when is it cheaper to travel to Australia

  • You can access the Skyscanner flight comparator through this link: Skyscanner

Steps to follow to travel to Australia cheap

1.- Open the Skyscanner application .

2.- In the flights tab, click on the round trip option and enter the following information:

  • From: We enter the country from which you are going to travel
  • To: Australia (AU)
  • Departure: Most economical
  • Return: Month More economic

Cheap travel to Australia

3.- We click on the search button and we will get a list with the arrival destinations in Australia ordered by price from the cheapest to the most expensive:

Cheap travel Australia

4. - We choose the cheapest Australian city and click the green button to choose the city of origin.

This will be the screen you will see:

How to travel to Australia cheap

5.- Now you can choose the city of your country from which you are interested in leaving depending on where you usually reside. Once you have selected it, click on the corresponding green button and you will be able to see the cheapest month to travel to Australia on the date you are going to buy the tickets and from your country of origin.

Cheapest time to travel to Australia

6.- Select the cheapest roundtrip flights. Start by selecting the day of departure and look at the prices of the return days because they will vary.

In our example we see that if I set April 22 as the outbound date for a price of 315 US dollars , a return flight appears on May 4 for 315 US dollars.

how to get cheap flights australia

7.- Click the green button Show Flights and we will obtain flights to travel to Melbourne from Madrid from 630 US dollars

It's not bad at all!

How to travel to Australia cheap:

We have already taught you how to find the cheapest flights to Australia from your country, but you already know that to get the cheapest flights you will have to:

  • Be flexible with the dates you are going to travel to Australia
  • Adapt your itinerary and start your route through Australia from the destination city that is most economical for you.
  • Get ready for a flight of many hours and with several stopovers, choosing cheap flights to Australia in most cases involves many hours of travel and more than one stopover.

But in reality, you are going to achieve your dream of traveling to Australia, so take it as an adventure and launch into the search for the cheapest flights to travel to Australia.

Explore Uluru Time. Travel to Australia cheap

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How to get cheap flights to Australia

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Article updated in February 2020