Do you want to travel to Australia but are a little short on budget? If you have already seen the prices in Australia and you have no idea how to travel in Australia cheap , do not worry, in this article we explain how to travel to Australia with little money.

After having lived in Australia for more than five years and traveled extensively around the country, we have compiled 39 tips that will help you travel around Australia more economically.

  • If you are planning a trip to Australia, take a look at the Guide to travel to Australia that we have prepared for you, it will surely help you organize your trip. We have given him a lot of love.

1.- Cheap flights to Australia

The first is the first. If you want to save money on your trip to Australia, start by looking for a cheap flight.

Flight tickets to Australia are usually quite expensive and finding a good deal to travel to Australia or getting a cheap plane ticket to Australia is key to saving money on your trip

For this reason, we dedicate a complete blog article to explain how to find cheap flights to Australia, take a look because it is sure to be great for organizing your trip.

Save money on accommodation

2.- Stay in apartments and houses

Our best advice to save money on your trip to Australia is that, instead of staying in hotels, rent a house or apartment with Airbnb or Booking.

This will allow you to save on food because instead of having breakfast, lunch and dinner in a cafeteria, bar or restaurant, you can buy your own food at the supermarket and cook every day.

In addition, in most houses and rental apartments in Australia, you will have a gas barbecue on the patio, porch or terrace of the house to prepare yourself some luxurious grilled meat and / or vegetable dinners.

accommodation travel Australia cheap

In our opinion, Australian cuisine is not the best in the world, and certainly not the healthiest. Shopping at the supermarket and cooking yourself will not only save your pocket money but also a relief for your health.

Even so, we advise you either in a restaurant, or buying the product in the supermarket, read our typical Australian food and try the dishes and products that we mention.

3.- If you travel alone, opt for hostels or private rooms from Airbnb

If you are traveling alone in Australia, staying in a house or apartment will not save your travel budget, so we advise you to choose to stay in hostels or in private Airbnb rooms that allow you to use the kitchen in the house.

Hostels and backpackers are very popular in Australia, so it won't be difficult to find a backpackers hostel wherever you visit.

If you don't want to share a room, don't worry, most of these hostels have individual rooms for one or two people that give you access to the use of the hostel's common areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room and laundry room. .

  • If you are not yet registered with and you want a discount on your next reservation, register by following this link and you will have a discount of $ 20 on the first accommodation you book.

    Also, once you are registered and start booking hotels, you will have the Genius customer category and a 10% discount in some hotels and hostels.

    Yes, I want my discount on Booking

  • And if you have not yet registered with Airbnb, with the link that we leave here you will receive a discount of $ 55 when you book your first home.

    Yes, I want my discount on Airbnb

4.- Go camping

If you like nature and don't mind sleeping on an inflatable mattress, getting a tent and a sleeping bag is one of the best ways to save money during your trip to Australia.

Australians love to go camping, so in most national parks you will find all kinds of camping facilities. Not counting the free barbecues and showers that are in almost all the beaches of Australia that will make camping very comfortable.

The different types of camping that you will find in Australia are:

  • Campground

They are camping areas authorized by the government in national parks. Most of them only have basic services (bathrooms and cold showers), but they are located in super beautiful places in the middle of nature.

You can also find some campgrounds that have barbecues, picnic areas and even hot showers.

  • Holiday park

They are the typical private campsites managed by a company or an individual where you normally have all kinds of services: kitchen, barbecues, camping areas, bathrooms, hot showers, swimming pool, shop etc.

Cheap travel in Australia. Go camping

5.- Download the WikiCamps Australia app

The application costs about $ 8, but if you are going to tour Australia by van, or you plan to go camping, it will come in handy.

In the application you will find information about places where camping is allowed in Australia (Paid or not), toilets, showers, rest areas ...

6.- House Sitting

For those who plan to spend a season or a few days in a specific place in Australia, have flexibility in their travel dates and can also plan their trip in advance, housesitting is the most economical option.

Many Australians go on vacation for long periods (15 days, a month, two months ...) and need someone to take care of their home or pets during this time.

Some websites where you can take a look to do housesitting in Australia are:

How to get around Australia without losing a kidney

7.- Organize your trip by zones

What does this mean? Well, instead of doing a road trip in which every night you sleep in a different place and so you go through Australia, you establish a city or town as a base camp for each area of ​​Australia that you want to visit.

In this way, renting a house or apartment will be cheaper because you will save, for example, the house cleaning expenses that they always charge or some management costs of the web pages through which you book accommodation.

In addition, it will be much more comfortable to have all your things in the same place for a few days if, for example, you have decided to cook during your trip.

Another reason why it is better to make your trip in stages is that the companies that rent cars and motorhomes charge you an extra when you deliver the car or motorhome to a different place than where you pick it up.

An example of organizing the trip in stages would be like this:

  • 4 Days in Sydney: I rent a house in Sydney and during these four days I visit the city and go by train to see the Blue Mountains.
  • 4 Days in Cairns: I take a plane from Sydney to Cairns where I pick up a rental car and rent an apartment in Cairns to get to know the area. During these four days, I take the opportunity to visit the Daintree Rainforest, the Atherton Tablelands, Kuranda and the Barrier Reef.
  • 3 Days Kangaroo Island. I rent a house in Kingscote to spend three days exploring Kangaroo Island: Flinders Chase National Park, Stocke Bay, Vivonne Bay and Little Sahara.

8.- Look for travel companions

¨Sharing is caring¨ and nothing better than sharing the travel expenses to make it cheaper?

I include it within the tips for moving around Australia, but it could well be worth as general advice because you can save a lot of money if you share your expenses for car or motorhome rental, gasoline and food with other travelers.

Plus, it's a super fun way to travel around Australia and meet new people. Who knows, maybe on your trip you meet a friend of the soul and companion of adventures with whom to share other trips,

In the Facebook group Traveling through Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands you can find a lot of travelers who are organizing their trips through these areas, ask if any of them want to travel with you in Australia and if the dates you already have compis for your great adventure.

cosekos to travel around Australia. Travel companions

9.- Take planes within Australia

It seems like our favorite phrase, but once again I have to say that Australia is huge. If you have less than a month to get to know Australia, our recommendation is to take internal flights and then rent a car and visit the area you want to know, as we have already commented a little above.

If you are going to buy flights to travel by plane within Australia, keep in mind that the cheapest companies are Tiger Airways , Jetstar and Virgin Australia.

As always when it comes to buying flights, we advise you to do it through Skyscanner to find the best deals

10.- If you are going to travel through Australia for a long time, buy a vehicle.

If you have more than two months to visit Australia and you want to do a road trip, you are surely more interested in buying a car or a motorhome than renting it.

We advise you to buy your vehicle in winter or autumn, since it is the low season it will be cheaper to buy it. Then sell it in peak season, when there are plenty of backpackers new to Australia willing to buy a vehicle to visit the country.

To purchase your vehicle in Australia we recommend that you take a look at these web pages:

Who knows, if you can buy a bargain and then sell it at a good price you may even be able to make money with your vehicle.

11.- Gasoline

It is proven, filling the tank Tuesday or Wednesday is much cheaper than doing it from Friday to Monday. So now you know, plan ahead and avoid stopping at gas stations on the weekends.

It is also important to bear in mind that the price of fuel can vary considerably from one area of ​​the country to another.

There are mobile applications where you can see the price of gasoline, you are interested in downloading them and checking how it varies:

12.- If you are flexible, use relocations

If you still don't know what a relocation is, are you going to freak out?

As distances are enormous in Australia and many people pick up their vehicle in one city in Australia and then drop it off in another, car and motorhome rental companies offer travelers the possibility of using the vehicle for free, or for a few few dollars a day, to return it to the place where it was collected in a specified time.

That is, the rental company gives you a few specific days (depending on the distance) to take the car or motorhome from point A to point B, free or for very little money.

If you are flexible with the dates of your trip and you need a means of transport to go from one side of the country to another, this may be a perfect and super economical option for you.

Some pages where you can see relocation are:

It has some disadvantages like the kilometer limit or the time. Depending on the time of year the "relocations" are to the south or north. When the dry season begins in the north, caravans and cars move there and the opposite happens in the wet season.

13.- Search and compare when you want to rent a vehicle

Except when we travel near Sydney (because we have our own vehicle here), renting a car or van is always our preferred option.

It depends on the type of trip you want to do and if you are traveling alone or accompanied, you will be interested in renting a car, a van or a motorhome.

To rent a car in Australia we always use the Airport Rental vehicle buyer because it allows us to see prices and types of cars from different rental companies in Australia and because they always have a special offer.

If you prefer to rent a motorhome then we recommend that you do so through Motorhome Republic . Like Airport Rental and Skyscanner, it is a motorhome comparator that allows you to do an investigation of prices, sizes and extras of the different vehicles that you can rent and of the companies that rent them.

Do not forget to also take a look at the opinions of other customers?

If you want more information on how to rent a motorhome in Australia: Motorhome rental in Australia.

14.- If you are in Sydney on a Sunday, use public transport.

Using Sydney's trains, ferries and buses on Sundays is only $ 2.50, and if you have an Opal card you only pay once.

Take the opportunity to go to know the Blue Mountains, Kiama, Manly or Palm Beach ?.

15.- If you are going to buy in a supermarket, choose ALDI.

If you have decided that you are going to buy in the supermarket and prepare your own food instead of eating in cafes or restaurants, we advise you to make your purchase in Aldi supermarkets.

Aldi is the cheapest supermarket in Australia and in it you can find practically anything you need to prepare your meals: fruits, vegetables, cans, meat, bread, dairy ... you can also buy hygiene products at Aldi.

To save money on beers and wines you can also buy them at Aldi, the price difference with other stores that sell alcohol is quite large.

16.- To the rich Thai

If you like Thai food, take advantage of your trip to Australia to eat Thai, and if you have not tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Is it delicious?

Thai restaurants are some of the cheapest you will find in Australia and the food is delicious. Also, there is a Thai food restaurant almost on every corner.

You can have lunch in a Thai restaurant for about $ 8 and dinner for $ 15-20 which for Australian prices is great.

17.- BYO Restaurants

This is a concept that we were totally unaware of before arriving in Australia. BYO means Bring Your Own in Spanish Bring your Own…. , that is, bring your own drink.

Yes, as you read it, when you see the BYO sign it means that you can bring your own wine or beer to the restaurant. The savings are huge.

In some restaurants the BYO is free, but in others they will charge you $ 2 or $ 3 for each person who is going to drink alcohol. Still it makes up for it. You just have to arrive and ask for a few glasses to pour your drink.

18.- Happy Hour

Of course, this very Anglo-Saxon custom is also well established in Australia. Almost all bars and pubs have happy hour. During this time (Normally one or two hours), the drinks are reduced by 25% more or less

Happy hour is usually around 4pm and 7pm.

19.- Big words, cubatas

If you like to have your glasses of gin and tonic, rum or whiskey , apart from leaving a kidney, you will be very disappointed when the waiter gives you a small glass full of mini ice cubes with a shot of alcohol and the soda thrown with a pistol.

For me, passionate about gin and tonics in a balloon glass in all its variants and modalities, a sacrilege?

Therefore, the best you can do is have drinks at home or at the hostel. Trust me, you are going to save a lot of money and trouble.

And here is the real thrifty advice: Take advantage of the Duty Free at the airport to buy the alcohol for your drinks.

The cheapest gin, rum, vodka and whiskey that we have found in Australia has been in the Duty Free that is in the airport at the exit of international flights, just before going through customs.

Of course, be careful because it is only allowed to carry a maximum of two liters of alcohol per person.

20.- Get a canteen

If you don't want to spend a fortune on water bottles, do your pocketbook and the environment a favor and buy yourself a steel water bottle to refill.

You can buy your bottle at Kmart for less than $ 10 and you can refill it at your hotel or apartment before going out or in parks and beaches where there are always drinking fountains.


21.- To buy last minute clothes: Kmart.

If you have forgotten to put something in your suitcase, it is best to go to a Kmart store to buy it.

At Kmart you have everything: Clothes, camping utensils, sports equipment, backpacks, hats, sheets, blankets, cables for mobile phones and computers, toys ...

I think there is no cheaper store in Australia. There are also a lot of them and they usually open from 8 am to 12 am.

22.- Prepare to go camping

If you are going to follow our advice to go camping in Australia (Even if it is only for a few days), you may not be interested in coming loaded with all the camping utensils, but do not worry because in Australia you can find everything you need to do camping thrown away Price.

If you are going to buy your camping utensils in Australia, you can do it through websites for buying and selling second-hand items such as Gumtree or Facebook Market.

If you can't find anything that interests you on second-hand pages then you can go to Kmart, Decathlon or BigW.

In Decathlon you will find more variety of tents and sleeping bags to choose the one that best suits the type of camping you want to do or the place where you are going to go.

To buy the inflatable mattress, the camping chairs and tables, the cooler bag, the camping cups, plates and cutlery, the cheapest thing is to do it at Kmart and BigW.

23.- Buy your souvenirs at Paddy´s Market Sydney

Are you one of those who buy gifts for your whole family when you go on a trip? We do? nephews, brothers, daddies…. We have brought koalas and kangaroos to all of them in all their forms: t-shirts, bags, stuffed animals, chocolates, pictures ???

To buy your cheapest souvenirs the best place is the Paddy's Market in Sydney, there you will find everything: T-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, thimbles, stuffed animals, aboriginal paintings, postcards, pencils,…. And all at a much cheaper price than in other souvenir shops.

How to travel around Australia cheap

24.- Travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays, it is cheaper

To fly more economically, you have to do it when most people don't want to , these days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays.

The days to avoid are Friday and Sunday.

Many trips to Australia are made at Christmas because it is summer in the southern hemisphere. If you want to get a great price and you don't mind spending Christmas Eve dinner on a plane, we recommend that you fly on December 24 or 25, you can find much cheaper flights.

25.- Avoid Public Holidays and School Holidays

These are the Australian holidays and school holidays.

As in all countries, these are the dates when Australians travel the most, therefore flight and tour prices are higher and hotels are busier.

National holidays are

  • January 1 (New Years Day)
  • January 26 (Australia Day)
  • Good Friday and Monday after Resurrection Sunday (It depends on the days of Holy Week).
  • April 25 (Anzac Day)
  • December 25 (Christmas day)

The dates of the school holidays are :

  • Last fortnight of the year and until Australia Day (January 26).
  • Last fortnight of April
  • Second week of July
  • First week of October

The dates of the school holidays are indicative because each state of Australia establishes specific days and they do not have to coincide with the other states.

26.- Travel to Australia in low season

Traveling to Australia during the months of April to October, when it is winter, is less common and therefore cheaper. You will find flights to Australia much cheaper.

Telephone and Internet

27.- Always connected at the best price

Whether it's Australia or any other country, stop roaming and get a card from the country you're traveling through, you'll save a lot of money.

In Australia the cheapest companies are Amaysim and Aldi Phone. Buy a SIM to talk on the phone and surf the internet.

28.- Free Wifi

You can connect to the Internet for free in libraries, McDonald's, Starbucks, shopping centers and most coffee shops and restaurants.

29.- Sydney Free shuttle

The city of Sydney has a free bus for tourists visiting the city on foot. The number is 555 and its route goes around the financial center.

This bus may not take you directly to the place you want, but it can save you many meters of walking. Especially to go from Circular Quay (where the Sydney Opera House and the bay are) to Central Station (where you can take a train or a bus to anywhere in the city).

30.- Melbourne Free Tourist Tram

In Melbourne there is a free tram for tourists (Route 35)

The free tram takes a circular ride through the city center and takes you to the most popular shopping areas and some of the most touristic places like the Parliament or the Treasury Building.

You can take this tram as many times as you want and inside you will find tourist maps of the city.

Tram, Melbourne, Australia

31.- Beaches

Australian beaches are amazing and taking a bath on a beach or lying in the sun is completely free.

Touring the Australian coast and enjoying its beaches is something that we recommend you do during your trip, especially if you visit Australia during the summer months (December to March).

Maroubra, Sydney Australia

32.- Hiking routes

Australia has many beautiful and very comfortable tracks to perform.

Walking is good for your pocket and for your health, so take the opportunity to make a day trip and explore the most beautiful national parks in Australia.

Blue Mountains NSW Australia

33.- Parks

All cities in Australia have well-kept parks with picnic areas, barbecues and playgrounds.

Taking a walk or bike ride through a park is a perfect and free option to pass the time.

Our favorite parks in Sydney are the Royal Botanic Garden, Centennial Park and Wendy's Secret Garden.

In Melbourne, don't miss the Botanical Gardens and Firzroy Garden. You can rent a bike and go from the famous St Kilda beach to the botanical gardens through parks.

Royal Botanic Garden. Places to visit in Sydney, Australia.

34.- Go to the markets

On weekends you will find second-hand markets and organic products in almost every city and town in Australia.

The money you want to spend on buying things depends on you, but even just to take a walk through the market and enjoy the atmosphere, it is worth visiting.

We love Glebe's Saturday morning market and Marrickville on Sunday, both in Sydney.

35.- Observe the animals in their natural habitat

Forget about zoos and safaris, to see Australian animals nothing better to do it in their natural habitat.

For example, to see kangaroos we advise you to go to Pebbly Beach (NSW) or Cape Hillsborough National Park (Queensland).

To see koalas perched in the tree branches Kennett River on the Great Ocean Road (Victoria) or the Noosa National Park (Queensland) are ideal.

You can spot whales anywhere on the east coast of Australia from the south to Fraser Island during winter.

And dolphins, because we have seen them on many beaches in Australia, it is a matter of having a little luck.

Auastralian animals. Reasons to travel to Australia

How to save on your excursions in Australia

36.- Airport magazines

Get a magazine from the city that you land at the airport because they have discount coupons for excursions, activities and restaurants.

37.- Websites with discounts on excursions

If you are going to do an excursion in Australia, which we recommend 100% in some places, take a look at these websites where you can find offers and discounts for tours and excursions in English and Spanish:

38.- Travel insurance

This is a tip that could well be used for any trip you make, but in the case of countries like Australia, taking good travel insurance is essential.

If you have an accident or any health problem and have to go to the hospital, anything, even a small cure can be very expensive.

So yes, good travel insurance can save you a lot of money.

We always travel insured and the travel insurance we recommend is IATI because they have always responded to us and because if you read the opinions of other travelers they are very good.

And if you do it through this link you will get a 5% discount on your travel insurance.

39.- Stop smoking

I know that if you are a smoker, as we were, this advice is not making you any funny, but trust me, paying $ 32 for the cheapest pack of cigarettes is not going to do it either.

I could tell you that our advice is to buy rolling tobacco and make your own cigars, but we already anticipate that rolling tobacco is also quite expensive in Australia.

Are you thinking of bringing tobacco from home? Buy it at duty free? Well, it is only allowed to bring 25 cigarettes .. Don't gamble trying to bring more tobacco because the fines are important and if you declare them they will not doubt it, they will throw your cartons in the trash (We have already been there).

But hey, there is no harm that does not come, take advantage and stop smoking, you will save a lot of money and health problems. We are delighted.

Traveling to Australia is not cheap, but with these tips you will see how you can significantly reduce your travel expenses?

And if you have doubts and want to know how much it could cost you to travel to Australia, we recommend that you read the article : How much does it cost to travel to Australia.

These are the resources that a trip to Australia or New Zealand we recommend, we use them constantly and they are the ones that work best:

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