Skyscanner is the world's leading flight search engine . On Skyscanner you can find the cheapest flights on the net if you know how to use all its tools correctly and know its tricks.

What is Skyscanner?

Skyscanner is a flight comparator that searches more than a thousand airlines for the cheapest flights. It does not charge you any commission, so even if you buy the flights directly from the company, it will not be cheaper.

Skyscanner also has the option to search for accommodation and cars, but it is certainly known worldwide for finding flights.

Some of its most outstanding features are that you can search for flights on any date by easily comparing some days with others, find the cheapest month and create alerts that notify you of the best prices. This and much more makes Skyscanner one of the best search engines for flights or

How does Skycanner work?

Skyscanner is an online search engine that sends you to the web pages that offer the cheapest flights (agencies, airlines and other search engines), without charging you any commission.

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to find the best flight deals to anywhere in the world using the Skyscanner search engine .

Learn to travel like a pro!

To follow our instructions go to the web: Skyscanner

The first thing we are going to do is divide between the possible scenarios that may occur when we look for a flight, you can choose the one that interests you the most or see them all to learn in each of the situations what you can do:

  1. I have to travel on a specific date to a specific city
  2. I want to travel on a specific date, but I have flexibility regarding the city of origin and destination of the flight ,
  3. I am quite flexible in the dates of the flight and in the cities of origin and destination.
  4. I want to fly in the cheapest month
  5. I want to fly to the cheapest destination

In each of the scenarios we are going to perform the same action on the computer so that you can clearly see how it is done. If you are with the mobile phone, it is very similar.

Skyscanner cheap flights

1. I have to travel on a specific date to a specific city

For example, I want to travel from Madrid (United States) to Sydney (Australia) departing on November 14 and returning on December 5, 2020.

If you do not have flexibility in date and / or destination, this is how you can find the cheapest flight with Skyscanner:

  1. Enter skyscanner .
  2. In the flights tab select "round trip", it is selected by default normally.
  3. In "From" indicate your city of origin and in "To" your destination city.
  4. "Departure" and "Return" choose your travel dates.
  5. Press «Search».
  6. On the results screen choose "Sort by: Price per adult" and the first flight that appears will be the cheapest.

Find cheap flights

In this case, it appears as the cheapest flight for 824 US dollars, which is not bad at all.

Explore cheap flights

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2. I want to travel on a specific date, but I have flexibility regarding the city of origin and destination of the flight

For example, I want to leave the United States on November 14 to Australia and return on December 5.

We are going to redefine the search and change the cities by countries. In our example: Spain / Australia .

But first we keep Sydney as the arrival city (because it is the one that suits us best), and when we put United States, Barcelona appears as the cheapest destination at a price of 694 US dollars. We have already achieved some savings.

Skyscanner Cheats

You may not be interested in changing the departure city, as is normal, but it can also work with the arrival city. Not in this case, because normally Sydney is the cheapest city to get to Australia.

But you sure get the concept, with Skyscanner flights it's all about playing with airports to find the cheapest flight. We can talk about very high savings on trips to Australia.

And it is also important to do a search by country if we have that flexibility, because sometimes medium-sized airports can appear with the best prices, in the case of Australia it sometimes happens with the Brisbane airport.

3. I am flexible in the dates of the flight and in the city of origin and destination.

For example, I want to fly from the United States to Australia in November and return in December.

Now, if you click on one of the dates, an option will appear to change from " specific date " to " full month".

Calendar with flight prices

Also, search from country to country. Spain-Australia, as in the previous example.

Now the cheapest flight is 632 US dollars, not bad for a round trip to Australia.

Skyscanner for months

By switching to " full month " and " by country " Skyscanner looks for the cheapest ticket in December from United States to Australia .

First a list of destination cities appears as in the image above. We chose Sydney, although the Melbourne price is not much higher.

Now select the city of origin and Barcelona appears at 636 US dollars.

Flights by calendar skyscanner

We have to select the date. When selecting the complete month, a graph like the one in the image appears:

The calendar with the prices of each flight (going left and right) for the entire month of November and December.

Flights by calendar skyscanner

Normally, the prices of each day appear and thus be able to compare the prices according to the departure day that you mark on the calendar.

The key is FLEXIBILITY, if it is a few days you can save a few hundred dollars like on this flight. In this case leaving on November 25 and returning on December 10 are 636 US dollars, 824 in the first search, therefore almost 200 US dollars of savings per person.

But if your flexibility is greater, the savings are very large, as we show you below:

4. I want to fly in the cheapest month.

In our example it would be: Flying from United States to Australia, but I don't care about the month, I prefer to fly when it is cheaper.

Change the month to " cheapest " and put the filter again by country.

The cheapest flights in the world

Indeed, when we put " cheapest month " we found a flight from Barcelona to Sydney for 635 US dollars, it is not a big difference compared to the other search but because we found a good price to be December, which is the most expensive month.

The key to finding the best prices is FLEXIBILITY . If you have flexibility in the destination or in the dates you can find good offers but if you have flexibility in both, finding cheap flights is easy.

We have already decided our flight, we click on " view flight " and Skyscanner will send you to the web page that offers that flight.

5. I want to fly to the cheapest destination

For example, I want to go on vacation from United States, but I don't care where. I want some flights, I don't care about the destination.

In the previous example we have talked about flexibility of dates, a few days or even months. Now we are going to include destination flexibility to find super deals.

Enter Skyscanner , cheap flights anywhere.

If you do not have a decided destination or you simply don't care, write in the destination box "anywhere " .

If you do not have a decided departure airport either, simply write the name of the country in the " From " box.

A list will appear with the countries and the cheapest prices from the place where you want to go out.

In this case, the cheapest flights from United States are to destinations within United States and then to Morocco, Germany, France, etc.

If you click on Morocco, a list with the cheapest destinations is displayed. The cheapest is to Tangier.

Although Morocco is the cheapest destination, in this list you can find very good prices to other countries .

In the example in the image we have chosen a specific day of departure for the flight, but as we have already explained in this article, if you have flexibility with the dates, the flight can be even cheaper.

You just have to change "specific date " to "full month " by clicking on the departure date, as I taught you in the previous example.

You can choose between "cheapest month " or the month you prefer during the following year.

If you choose "cheapest month " it automatically takes you to this month, in our example to October.

You can change the view to "graphic " , although we personally like the calendar better.

Select the cheapest dates and click on "show flights " .

You choose the flight and it takes you to the page of the agency or airline to complete the reservation.

If you have flexibility in date and destination you can find very cheap tickets .

Price alert

One last trick in this Skyscanner tutorial is to set you a price alert.

First you have to look for the route you want to take, once you have all the flights in front of you, press the button ( Receive Price Alerts ) that has a bell next to it.

Enter your email or subscribe to the alert.

You can create as many price alerts as you want. When you create an alert, an account is also created and from there you can also log in and manage all the price alerts with one click.

And so far this Skyscanner tutorial, we hope it helps you to visit places for the cheapest price.

Article published in April 2017, updated in September 2018 and February 2020.

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