Bouddi National Park is a national park located just over an hour's drive north of Sydney, a perfect place to organize a day or weekend getaway from Sydney.

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How to go

To visit the park it is necessary to go by car, since by public transport it is almost impossible from Sydney.

Bouddi National Park is home to one of Australia's premier marine reserves and one of the top ten best rated trails in the country: Bouddi coastal walk .

Bouddi Coast Path

We took a day trip to visit the park. We parked the car at Mount Bouddi (Dingeldei) picnic area and took a one-kilometer trail of very little difficulty called Mount Bouddi walking track. The path leads to Maitland Bay, a very long and lonely beach with fine sand and calm waters surrounded by forest. The Maitland stream ends at this beach, forming a very picturesque landscape that we loved.

Bouddi National Park Sydney

In the afternoon we visit Putty Beach, in Killcare , a very different beach, easily accessible from a paid parking lot and with all kinds of facilities such as camping, a surf club and even a little bar.

Bouddi National Park is a perfect place to take a weekend getaway from Sydney and enjoy nature. If you are spending a season in Sydney, put it on your list of places to see and get to know it, you will not regret it.

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bouddi national park

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