Killalea National Park is a coastal reserve of approximately 265 hectares where you can find some of the best beaches on the south coast of NSW. The reserve is made up of areas of rainforest, extensive wetlands, and breeding areas for seabirds. Killalea is popular for day trips, surfing, and fishing.

For nature lovers there are walking trails through rainforest and trails along extensive wetlands and seabird breeding areas. Swimming and surfing are the best activities offered by The Farm and Mystics , two of the best surfing beaches on the south coast of NSW.

Mystics Beach, Killalea State Park, NSW, Travel to Australia

How to get

The Farm is located north of Minnamurra, less than two hours south of Sydney. Access to the reserve is not very well indicated, so we recommend using GPS.

In the reserve there are two beaches: Mystics Beach (Minnamurra Beach) , and Killalea Beach (The Farm):

Mystics Beach

Mystics Beach is a different beach: It is very long and the Minnamurra river ends at its left end, whose mouth forms an arm of sand that marks the end of the beach. From the beach you can see Stack Island , located just off the coast .

The views of the beach from either side of the river and the views from the beach itself are beautiful.

Mystics Beach, Killalea State Park, NSW, Travel to Australia

The Farm

The farm is the perfect beach to enjoy a quiet bath: it is wide, calm and gradually covers, so it is safe, although you always have to be careful with the currents.

Killalea Beach, The Farm, NSW, Travel to Australia

Both beaches are very good for surfing, in fact they were declared a National Surf Reserve in 2009. The Farm is a bay-shaped beach in which the water covers little by little so the waves are long and easy, perfect for longboard or for learning when you're not out of date; and Mystics Beach is famous among bodyboarders for its fast waves and tubes.

What to do

We went to spend a summer weekend with some friends. We left Sydney on Saturday morning and pitched our tents at Killalea State Park Camping , that same day we spent at Mystics Beach . On Sunday we took the opportunity to have brunch at Shellharbour and lie in the sun at The Farm to enjoy a spectacular Sunday at the beach.

Killalea Camping, The Farm, NSW, Travel to Australia

We had our eye on Mystics Beach during another trip to the south coast, when we were hiking the Kiama Coastal Walk (Here we describe that trip: Between the subtropical forest and the coast, Minnamurra ). We were looking forward to seeing the spectacular Mystics Beach , but we did not expect the park to be so beautiful, if you live in Sydney or Canberra you cannot miss it.

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Published in March 2017, updated in July 2018