For a long time we have been planning to write an article talking about the best travel blogs, our favorites, those blogs that we have followed closely for a long time and without which we cannot go on a trip.

We wanted to pay this little tribute to those who for us are the best travel bloggers , those who entertain us with their traveling adventures around the world, inspire us to decide where we are going and help us plan every detail of our trips.

This is an article in which we give you our personal opinion and we tell you what the best Travel Blogs in the world are for us . We have classified them so that it is more difficult for you to identify which is the specialty of each of them.

The best travel blogs in Spanish

Best Travel Blogs around the world

Here we have included you general travel blogs, which are not specialized in traveling to any specific country. This is the largest classification:

best travel blogs around the world no, Paco Nadal's Travel Blog has to appear first in our ranking. Paco Nadal is the most respected travel blogger in Spanish and surely one of those with the most kilometers behind him.

It is very easy to get lost in the articles on Paco Nadal's Travel Blog and spend hours reading it. If you still don't know it, I recommend that you follow the link and go directly to take a look at it.

The guys from Viajes Chavetas are another classic in the Spanish blogosphere. Isaac and Paula have traveled almost all over the world and their articles are always very elaborate, they can be read as if they were a book.

We got to know Tania and David's blog through their Instagram account and when we clicked and entered the blog we loved it.

Viviendo de Viaje is a very well-crafted blog and that is something that is seen and appreciated very much. His guides and travel tips are super helpful.

When we were in Thailand I soaked up information with this blog and the trip went great.

If there is something that stands out in Cris and Dani's travel blog, it is the photos, which are beautiful. That is why we also recommend that you follow her Instagram account, Cris is very active on Instagram and her photos are great.

Roberto and Leti are two veterans of telling traveling stories. They have been traveling the world for years and for us they are the best when it comes to saving money traveling.

If you want to make a cheap trip, then take a look at Backpacking around the World because you will find a lot of tricks, especially to eat cheaply.

If you are planning a trip to Japan, Japonism is going to become your bible. It is a super complete travel blog, with all the information you need to organize a trip to Japan.

Its authors, Laura and Luis, are two lovers of Japan, Laura even lived in Japan for several years and from time to time they continue to organize trips to the country of Japan.

We love the quality and quantity of content on the blog, how it is organized and the design of the web.

Hector and Ana have spent many years traveling the world and writing about the places they visit, giving back to their readers a little of what they experience in their travels.

His blog is one of the most complete in Spanish and with an impressive amount of information. Just think of one place and they have probably visited and written about it in My Blog Trunk .

The best travel blogs in Europe

best travel blogs in Europe

It will have something to do with the fact that I (Shine) spent a few months living in Edinburgh and was passionate about the city, but I really like this blog specialized in Scotland.

Guides to travel around Scotland, routes to organize your trip, what to see and do in Edinburgh, best places to take photos and much more. On Quim and Angie's blog you have literally everything you need if you are visiting Edinburgh or traveling in Scotland.

As its name suggests, it is a travel blog specialized in traveling around Europe.

If you have a European destination in mind, we advise you to start by taking a look at this blog because you will surely find the information you are looking for, especially if you are thinking of making your trip by car and want to know how to make a cheap trip.

Pruden and Lupe's blog is not just a European travel blog, but most of their articles are from Europe and the United States, that's why I decided to classify it as one of the best travel blogs in Europe.

In his blog you will find a lot of information to organize your trip to the old continent. We personally love the amount of practical information they offer and how easy they are to read their articles.

Best travel blogs with children

best travel blogs with children

I think Adri, Gosi, Dani and Oli are the funniest family in the world. We have been following their adventures on Instagram and YouTube for a long time because they are always capable of making us smile.

The videos of this traveling family are entertaining, funny and loaded with practical information for your trip.

It is the travel blog of Pau, Vero, Teo and Oriol. Although at first the blog specialized in Asian travel, it has already become a world travel blog.

In their blog they give a lot of advice and publish a lot of information about traveling as a family. I love the amount of information they publish about each trip they take, so it is easier to soak up information about a place.

Familias en route began with the idea of ​​being the personal blog of Max and Susagna, parents of two children, inveterate travelers and lovers of rural tourism and of discovering new cities.

H oday blog has become a project of collective authorship that has a team of collaborators who bring their expertise in various fields to push through this fantastic blog.

The blog has a lot of content and information for traveling with children created first-hand by traveling families. Isn't that a fantastic idea?

The Best Travel Blogs for United States

It is a travel blog specialized in traveling through the United States. We really like how neat and clean the design is and the number of photos included in their articles.

Another thing that we love about this blog is its Y Where We Eat section with tips and recommendations for restaurants in United States where to eat Spanish food and from other places in the world.

José and Alicia have a super complete blog where they share their experiences traveling through the United States.

The blog is packed with useful and highly detailed content for organizing getaways and trips around the United States. Every time I take a look at it, it makes me want to go back to travel around the United States again and enjoy the food 🙂

The Best Travel Blogs in English

It's George King's favorite blog and it's no wonder Matt is one of the best travel bloggers in the world.

Her specialty is helping you save money when you travel so you can travel longer.

His blog contains travel guides for all the countries in the world where he tells you the best places to see and what to do in each place, shows you a travel budget and gives you some tips to save money in that specific country or city.

This Australian traveling family are an inspiration to us. They live traveling with their two girls and are currently touring the United States on a 3-year trip that they have called America Unplugged.

We follow them very closely and we love reading all their articles, they have a lot of practical information about the places they visit and about Australia, their native country.

These are the ones that we consider the most interesting blogs to read, follow and inspire you on your next trip, what did you think of? If there is a travel blog that you follow and we have not included in our list, leave us a comment so that we can read it too 🙂

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