Granada is a city to visit from time to time and get to know it thoroughly, discover its wonderful corners, its viewpoints with views of the Alhambra and enjoy its rich cuisine. In this article we will tell you about the best places to see in Granada and we suggest some plans to enjoy a dream city.

There are few cities in the world with a historical and cultural legacy as important as that of Granada, one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the United States.

There are many poets and artists who have written about Granada and its beauty, but we are left with this phrase by William Shakespeare ¨ Every curious traveler keeps Granada in his heart, even without having visited it "

Are you ready to visit Granada ? Although we could invent thousands of plans to do in Granada , talk about hundreds of places to visit in Granada and things to do , in this article we have selected our favorite plans so that you can organize your route, here we leave you the best 32 things to do. see in Granada.

What to see in Granada The Alhambra

Index: What to see in Granada

  • 1 Visit the Alhambra.
  • 2 Get lost in the streets of the Albaicín.
  • 3 Take a look at the San Nicolás viewpoint.
  • 4 Stroll along the Carrera del Darro.
  • 5 Take photos on the Paseo de los Tristes.
  • 6 Relax in an Arab bath.
  • 7 Go up to the Sacromonte abbey.
  • 8 Tapea by Granada.
  • 9 Get to know the Realejo neighborhood.
  • 10 Visit the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel.
  • 11 Don't forget to visit a Carmen.
  • 12 Make the night visit of the Alhambra.
  • 13 Have an ice cream from Los Italians.
  • 14 Visit the Monastery of La Cartuja.
  • 15 Have a drink at a rooftop bar.
  • 16 Enjoy a flamenco show.
  • 17 Shop at the Alcaicería de Granada.
  • 18 Learn about the Inquisition.
  • 19 Tour of Mysteries and Legends of Granada.
  • 20 Visit the Huerta de San Vicente.
  • 21 Try the piononos from Granada.
  • 22 Have tea in Granada's tea shops.
  • 23 Go through the Elvira Gate.
  • 24 Discover all the Andalusian monuments.
  • 25 Stroll through the gardens of Triumph.
  • 26 Get to know Sierra Nevada.
  • 27 Live the adventure in Monachil.
  • 28 Discover the Alpujarra of Granada.
  • 29 Climb the Mulhacen.
  • 30 Get to know the Costa Tropica.
  • 31 Go climbing in Río Verde.
  • 32 Hallucinate with the Cave Houses of Guadix.

Map with the places to see in Granada

In this map we have indicated the best places to see in Granada, you just have to download it and it will be ready to guide you during your visit to Granada.

25 places to see in Granada and 7 plans to discover its surroundings.

1.- Visit the Alhambra.

The Alhambra is the jewel in the crown of Granada, it was a candidate to become one of the New 7 Wonders of the World and, although it did not manage to sneak into this exclusive list, it became one of the finalists. The Alhambra is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular monuments in the world and that is why it cannot be missing from your list of places to see in Granada.

The monumental complex of the Alhambra is made up of: The Medina, the Alcazaba, the Nasrid Palaces, Rauda, ​​the Palace of Carlos V and the Generalife Palace.

We recommend that you plan your visit and dedicate the time it deserves to La Alhambra to enjoy it quietly.

Keep in mind that when you book the ticket you have to choose a time to enter the Nasrid Palaces, but only the palaces. That is, you can enter earlier and visit the Alcazaba, the Generalife and the Palace of Carlos V. The monumental complex closes at 6:00 p.m. from October to March and at 8:00 p.m. from April to October, if you book your ticket for the Nasrid palaces in the afternoon, keep these schedules in mind.

Patio de los Leones La Alhmabra de Granada

2.- Get lost in the streets of Albaicín.

Another of the pleasures of visiting Granada is getting lost in the Albaicín neighborhood , the Arab quarter of Granada.

The Albaicín neighborhood was declared a World Heritage Site in 1994, it is the oldest neighborhood in Granada and walking through its narrow and steep cobbled streets looking for viewpoints to see the Alhambra is a delight.

Although the best thing you can do is put on comfortable shoes and get lost in the Albaicín, here we leave you some places that we love in the neighborhood: Carvajales viewpoint, San Nicolás viewpoint, San Cristóbal viewpoint, Granada's Great Mosque, Arco de las Pesas or the Placeta de San Miguel Bajo (On the map we have indicated some more).

Our advice is that you start at the Arch of Elvira , go up Calle de las Teterías and from that moment you get lost in the narrow streets of the Albaicín until you reach the San Nicolás viewpoint . If you want to enjoy the best views of the city of Granada, go up to the San Miguel Alto viewpoint as well. Then you can go down the emblematic Cuesta del Chapiz or, if you have the energy, go up to the Sacromonte neighborhood.

Albaicín Granada neighborhood

3.- Take a look at the San Nicolás viewpoint.

As we have already mentioned in the previous section, you already know that the San Nicolás viewpoint is in the heart of the Albaicín, but we could not stop naming it separately and give it the importance it deserves because there is no visit to Granada without its corresponding photo in the viewpoint of San Nicolás. The views it offers to the Alhambra are impressive.

Mirador de San Nicolás in Granada

4.- Stroll along the Carrera del Darro.

They say that Carrera del Darro is the most beautiful street in the United States and it certainly has a special charm.

Strolling along the banks of the Darro River at the foot of the Alhambra and the Albaicín to finish at the Paseo de los Tristes is one of the things you must do in Granada.

Darro Granada race

5.- Take photos on the Paseo de los Tristes.

Although it is officially called the Paseo del Padre Manjón, we have all heard of the Paseo de los Tristes in Granada. It is called that way because all the funeral processions passed along this street on their way to the cemetery.

Its beautiful views of the Alhambra, its charm and its romanticism make it an indisputable visit in Granada./ p>

Views from the Paseo de los Tristes

6.- Relax in an Arab bath

With all the walks and walks that we are proposing to get to know Granada, surely a few hours relaxing in an area bath and a good massage will do you wonderfully well.

Although there are several Arab baths in Granada, we recommend Hammam Al Ándalus , with us they behaved great and we had a great experience that we are already looking forward to repeating.

Hammam Al Ándalus Arab Baths Granada

7.- Go up to the Sacromonte abbey.

El Sacromonte is the gypsy neighborhood of Granada, although it was considered a dangerous neighborhood until the 80s, today it is one of the most touristic neighborhoods in Granada. To the tourists love to stay in their caves and attend flamenco shows are organized there.

Going up to Sacromonte is worth it for its panoramic views of the Alhambra with the city of Granada in the background and the Sierra Nevada, for its flamenco history and for its simple beauty.

If you want to learn more about the flamenco neighborhood of Granada, we recommend a visit to the Cuevas del Sacromonte Museum where you can see how people lived in the caves and visit the cave houses.

And finally visit the Abadía del Sacromonte , next to the Alhambra and the Granada Cathedral, one of the most important and historic monuments in the city of Granada. Visiting the Abbey of Sacromonte is to know the Christian origins of Granada and take a walk through its 400 years of history.

8.- Tapea by Granada.

Another of the wonders of Granada is having the opportunity to taste Andalusian gastronomy and its famous tapas at a fairly affordable price.

In Granada you can have tapas for lunch and dinner without having to sit in a restaurant and pay for a full plate.

Areas most popular tapas are the street Navas Granada, the Star Bib-Rambla, the Albaicín, Paseo de los Tristes and the Star Field Prince.

Some of the most typical bars for tapas in Granada are: Entre Brasas , Los Diamantes , Bodegas Castañeda, the Casa Julio bar and Peña La Platería.

Tapeo by Granada Peña La Platería

9.- Get to know the Realejo neighborhood

We have already talked about the Muslim quarter and the gypsy quarter, now it is the turn of the Jewish quarter of Granada.

Stroll through Realejo and know some of its most beautiful corners such as:

  • The Casa de los Tiros, which today houses the Granada history museum.
  • The Star Campo del Príncipe , located on an old Muslim cemetery.
  • The Corral del Carbón , the best-preserved alhóndiga in the United States that was adapted by Christians to be used as a theater.
  • El Mirador del Lavadero, with views of the Cathedral.
  • The Church of Santo Domingo that was the seat of the Holy Inquisition in Granada.
  • Go through the Callejón de Santo Domingo and the Torres Bermejas .
  • The Rodríguez Acosta Foundation , a very pretty carmen.
  • The Alhambra Palace Hotel , with beautiful views of the Realejo neighborhood.
  • El Carmen de los Mártires, one of the most impressive in Granada.

Also, walking through the Realejo you will find some graffiti of ¨El Niño de las Pinturas¨ . Raúl Ruiz currently resides in Realejo, for this artist his neighborhood is his canvas and in his works “he claims more social justice, sensitivity towards the elderly and childhood or respect for flamenco”. You will find their graffiti in different buildings in the neighborhood.

Realejo neighborhood in Granada

10.- Visit the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel

The Cathedral of Granada is one of the most beautiful of the Renaissance, but its historical importance is what really draws attention. The Cathedral of Granada was ordered to be built by Isabel La Católica and built on top of what was the Great Mosque of Granada as a symbol of the Taking of the City.

The Royal Chapel, of late Gothic style, houses the remains of the Catholic Monarchs.

Granada Cathedral

11.- Don't forget to visit a Carmen.

Granada's Carmenes are typical houses of Granada. Los Cármenes emerged in the Nasrid era and are recreational villas with orchards and gardens located on the outskirts of the city and with privileged views of the Alhambra or the city of Granada.

Today some of the Carmens can be visited and others have been renovated and converted into restaurants or halls to hold events.

The most popular meat in Granada are:

  • Carmen de los Mártires : Located in the grounds of the Alhambra is a carmen with spectacular gardens and whose visit is free. They say that from there Boabdil left to deliver the city of Granada to Isabel la Católica.
  • Carmen del Aljibe del Rey: This Carmen is located in the Albaicín, is the headquarters of the AguaGranada Foundation, contains a Water Interpretation Center and can be visited. The visit is guided and free.
  • Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation : As we have already mentioned before, this carmen is located in the Realejo neighborhood. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century and is made up of a series of terraces and viewpoints that make up its modern designed gardens. There are different types of visits that start at a price of 5 US dollars, we leave you the link in case you want to make a reservation: Reservations visit Rodríguez-Acosta foundation
  • Carmen de la Victoria : Located on the Albaicín hill and owned by the University of Granada, it currently houses a guest residence and can be visited for free from 10 am to 2 pm.

As we have mentioned, other Carmenes are now restaurants for dinner with spectacular views of the Alhambra, among them:

  • Carmen de Aben Humeya Restaurant
  • Carmen de Aixa Restaurant.
  • Carmen del Agua Restaurant.
  • Carmen Verde Luna Restaurant

Carmen Views The Alhmabra

12.- Return to the Alhambra for the night visit.

If you have the time and the opportunity to make the night visit of the Alhambra, don't hesitate and book your ticket to visit the Nasrid palaces and the Generalife gardens at night.

We have not been able to do it, but all our family and friends who have done it have been impressed.

13.- Have an ice cream from Los Italianos.

Typical of a visit to Granada is to have an ice cream at Los Italianos. All the ice creams are delicious but the most mythical is the casatta.

You can't miss it, there's always a queue of people waiting to order their ice cream.

Los Italianos Granada Ice Cream Parlor

14.- Visit the Monastery of La Cartuja

Founded on an ancient Arab carmen, the Monastery of La Cartuja also known as the Monastery of Our Lady of the Assumption is one of the most important works of the Spanish Baroque.

15.- Have a drink in a rooftop bar and enjoy the views.

If, like us, you love having drinks on terraces with views of the entire city, you're in luck because in Granada there are not only restaurants with views of the Alhambra, but you will also find some rooftop bars with spectacular views.

The best rooftop bars and terraces in Granada to have a few drinks are:

  • Chill out Monastery terrace
  • Bheaven Granada.
  • Eurostar Gran Vía Granada
  • LemonRock Hostel
  • Terrace of the Alhambra Palace Hotel
  • The Balcony of San Nicolás
  • The Garden of Juan Ranas

Chill Out Terrace Granada Monastery

16.- Enjoy a flamenco show.

Granada is full of tablaos and caves where you can see a flamenco show. We are not experts in flamenco, but from what we have been told some of the best are:

17.- Buy crafts at the Alcaicería de Granada

Located in the center of Granada, very close to the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel, it is the perfect place to buy your souvenir of Granada.

The Alcaicería is the old Souk of Granada and is full of shops with souvenirs and crafts from Granada.

The Alcaicería of Granada

18.- Learn about the Inquisition in the Palace of the Forgotten.

Very close to Carrera del Darro is the Palace of the Forgotten, a restored 16th century building where you can see an exhibition with torture instruments used during the time of the Holy Inquisition in Granada.

Palace of the Forgotten of Granada

19.- Sign up for the Tour of Mysteries and Legends of Granada.

If you are interested in the hidden history of Granada or you just love hearing lesser known legends and events then you are going to like the Granada mysteries and legends tour.

We still have it pending, but some friends who have lived in Granada for years have recommended it to us because they say it is great and you learn a lot, so we will leave it here in case you are interested and we will sign it up for our next visit to Granada .

20.- Visit the Huerta de San Vicente, the Federico García Lorca House Museum.

La Huerta de San Vicente was the summer home of the Lorca family. The Andalusian poet spent the summers there from 1926 to 1936 and wrote some of his best-known works in this house.

Today the house is a cultural center and has been converted into a museum where objects by Federico García Lorca, manuscripts, paintings, etc. are exhibited.

You have all the information on this website: Huerta de San Vicente - Federico García Lorca House Museum.

21.- Try the piononos of Granada.

The piononos are the typical sweet of Granada. The original pioneers are those from the town of Santa Fe and although in Granada you will find many places where you can taste them, we recommend you do it in one of the Casa Ysla patisseries that are scattered around Granada.

22.- Have a tea in the tearooms of Granada.

Calle Calderería Nueva , one of the typical streets to go up to the Albaicín neighborhood, is full of tea shops where you can taste Arabic teas and exotic fruits and flowers.

Before starting your climb to the Albaicín, gather your strength and try the rich Arab teas, the Moorish pastries and the crepes from these tearooms, they are delicious.

We have indicated the most popular tearooms on the map and are:

  • Teteria Bagdad
  • La Oriental Teahouse.
  • Teteria Abaco Tea
  • Kasbah Teahouse
  • Nazarí Palace Teahouse
  • Alfaguara Teahouse


23.- Enter the Muslim Granada through the Puerta de Elvira.

The Arch or Puerta de Elvira was the gateway to the city of Granada in Muslim times and is the access to Calle Elvira, one of the most typical streets of Granada.

Elvira Granada Gate

24.- Discover all the Andalusian monuments.

If you still have the strength to visit some more monuments, these four Andalusian monuments are very interesting and will help you better understand the history of Granada:

  • The Bañuelo.

To visit one of the best preserved Arab public baths in the United States.

  • Corral de Carbón.

The best-preserved alhóndiga or merchants' warehouse in the United States, which in Christian times became a corral of comedies.

  • Gold furnace house.

It is a restored typical Moorish house located in the Callejón del Horno de Oro.

  • Dar al-Horra Palace

This Arab palace was the residence of Aixa la-Horra, Boabdil's mother, which was later converted into a convent.

25.- Stroll through the gardens of Triumph.

The gardens of the Triumph of Granada were the city's cemetery in Muslim times and that is why they are located outside the old Arab city of Granada.

Nowadays it is a park with gardens and fountains where you can take a very pleasant walk and visit the Royal Hospital, a very beautiful building that belongs to the University of Granada.

Gardens of the Triumph of Granada

Other places to visit near the city of Granada

26.- Get to know Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is the second highest mountain massif in Europe after the Alps. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve and a large part of its territory is a protected national park.

You can see the roof of the Iberian Peninsula in summer or winter. In winter you can take advantage of skiing or snowshoeing and in summer the mountains are perfect for hiking or cycling routes.

Sierra Nevada Granada

27.- Live the adventure in Monachil.

Lo Cahorros en Monachil is one of the most popular hiking trails in Granada. Los Cahorros in a gorge with waterfalls, hanging bridges and beautiful views located in the Sierra Nevada National Park.

This place is very popular for hiking, climbing and rappelling.

28.- Discover the Alpujarra of Granada

The Alpujarra of Granada is a region located south of Granada, between the Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean, and is one of the most charming areas in the United States. The Alpujarra landscape is beautiful, the typical dish of the Alpujarra is delicious and its towns will make you fall in love.

We are not surprised that it is so popular with artists and bohemians, the Alpujarra is a magical place.

The Alpujarra of Granada

29.- Climb the highest peak in the Iberian Peninsula: El Mulhacén.

Going up to Mulhacen is one of the most beautiful experiences we have done. You can climb to the roof of the Iberian Peninsula during the summer months to enjoy a spectacular alpine landscape and feel like a mountaineer for a few hours.

Climbing M ulhacen in Granada

30.- Get to know the Costa Tropical

Granada is a complete province. In addition to culture, history, gastronomy and mountains, Granada has a coastline.

The Costa de Granada is known as the Costa Tropical and its most important towns are Salobreña , Almuñécar , La Herradura and Motril .

31.- Dare to do canyoning in Río Verde

The Río Verde Canyon is Granada is a very popular place for canyoning.

If you dare to do this adventure sport you can book your tour through this link: Canyoning in Río Verde.

32.- Hallucinate with the Cave Houses of Guadix

If you want to live the experience of sleeping in a cave house in Guadix, you have the opportunity to do so.

We recommend that you spend at least one night in Guadix and live the experience of staying in a cave house, but if you prefer you can also sign up for one of the excursions that depart from Granada to get to know Guadix and the Gorafe Megalithic Park.

With this article in which we show you our favorite places to see in Granada, we hope we have motivated you to pack your bags and organize your itinerary to get to know Granada in depth.

After visiting Granada, you will understand perfectly the verses of the Mexican poet Francisco de Asís de Icaza: Give him alms, woman there is nothing in life like the pain of being blind in Granada . And that his words are true, there are few places in the world as beautiful and with as much magic as Granada.

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