There are numerous credit offers available on the market and provided by various banks, credit and financial companies; however, it is always good to be able to choose the credit product that best meets your personal needs and various credit needs. Here is a valid guide to personal loans that can help you choose the best financing for your needs: a proposal that you absolutely must take into consideration. 

Are you looking for a payday personal loan ?

Are you looking for a payday personal loan ?

You can now carry out your projects with a fast and flexible loan, you can change the installment whenever you want and move the payment later if you need it, all without any cost surprises.

You can submit your request through the electronic channel, obtain a repayment plan and a “tailor made” repayment plan, you can request Easy Loan even if you have a fixed-term contract, an atypical job or if you are a freelancer and even if you have the account on other banks. Regarding the economic conditions of the loan contract; here is an example:

  • Preliminary fees 150 euros,
  • Zero euro installment collection costs ,
  • Unitary cost notices of law 0.70 euros,
  • Total cost of legal communications 4.90 euros,
  • Stamp duty received during disbursement of € 16.00,
  • Stamp duty received at each sending of legal notices (unitary) 2.00 euros,
  • Total stamp duty for sending notices of law € 14.00,
  • Total cost for legal notices (including stamp duty) 18.90 euros.

Here is a valid example to better understand the operating conditions:

  • Repayment duration 84 months,
  • Amount requested 15,000 euros,
  • APR calculated at 01/02/2017 7.55%,
  • Rate (TAN) 6.90%,
  • Total cost of credit 4,219.74 euros,
  • Interest 4.034,84 euros,
  • Amount 1st installment (including pre-amortization interest) 305.06 euros,
  • Subsequent monthly installments of € 225.66,
  • Total amount of credit 14,834 euros,
  • Total amount due by the consumer € 19,053.74.

Credit line: personal loan

personal loan

The credit line designed to finance your purchases and future expenses, even if not scheduled, to be used a little at a time when you need them. You decide the loan amounts, even small ones, that you need: flexibility and control of the family budget are the most important features of this credit product.

The total usable amount varies from a minimum of 1,000 to a maximum of 5,000 euros , which can be used through the provision of one or more loans repayable in installments up to the total amount of the credit.

Only the total repayment of each loan allows the total amount of the credit to be restored, corresponding to the principal amount repaid, with the consequent possibility for the consumer to request the provision of another loan, always respecting the maximum limit of the loan. Total amount of credit.

Loan duration 

personal loan

Minimum 12 months + pre-amortization period; maximum 48 months + pre-amortization period. In the case of a current account at an  Group bank or the consumer declares that they wish to open a post account: the individual loans will be disbursed and credited to the consumer’s current account at the date of disbursement of each loan.

The availability of the sums on the consumer’s current account is determined by the inter-bank technical times for the execution of the transfer.