To make simulation of personal loans available on the internet just a simple query to Google, the oracle of our times. With the words “loan,” “simulation,” and “internet,” it is enough to make eye-popping offers of all sorts of web- simulated loans . In addition to banks such as Bradesco, Santander, BMG, Banco do Brasil, Caixa etc., also offer numerous other service financial institutions that have government authorization to lend money.


Simulation of personal loans available on the internet


Simulation of personal loans available on the internet


Loan we all know what it is, if we do not have the money to buy something much desired or take out a debt that makes us sleep, we resort to a bank or financial institution to pay off our debts or realize our desire for consumption, and a theoretically more quick and efficient way of knowing if the plan we are going to work on is to make such an inquiry.

The sites of the institutions mentioned above, for example, have simulation of loans that can help the interested party to have the exact notion of installment values, interest rate that will be charged, deadline for repayment of the loan contracted, that the commitment assumed will no longer become a headache and cause for great regret later.

Types of loan simulation by modality

They are common to almost all areas for loan simulation (separate for those who are clients of the financial institution and for those who are not yet customers). For consigned loans, operations whose installments are deducted from payroll, and which can be hired by workers with a formal contract, retirees, pensioners, federal, state, municipal and military public officials, dozens of companies and financial institutions are found. For personal loans, acquisition of real estate and refinancing of debts already contracted, banks and financial institutions.

In others, such as Banco Santander, for example, a demonstration table with examples of loan values, the corresponding installment (which is fixed) and the term, 50 months, is already shown. However, the facilities of the loan simulators, so much vaunted, are not so simple for those who are not customers of any of the banks mentioned.

Several personal information is requested from the Internet user, and anyone who thinks that they will find a screen where they can enter the desired loan amount and the number of installments, thus obtaining the exact information of the amount of the installment and the interest rate that will be charged, .

Information on loans and simulations on the web

The only site that was really agile and efficient in providing information on loans and simulations was the Federal Senate Server Portal. On the initial screen, the field appears where you can choose a loan simulation based on the amount of the installment or the desired credit, then the limit of the installment or amount to be credited to the employee’s account and finally the number of installments .

When clicking on “calculate”, immediately appears another screen and the result of the simulation of the loan: a table with a benchmark for a bank, which allows the interested party to make the option for the institution that charges the lowest interest rate. That simple. Too bad it does not look the same on all simulation loan sites with simulators on the internet .