Virtualize loan on internet tools to get simulation. Have you ever used the web loan simulators? They are quick, help little and brings some information that in general has nothing to do with the values ​​practiced.

You have noticed how the day-to-day routine is becoming heavy, parents and family mothers have to take care of their work, their children and their upbringing, and the housework can be extremely stressful. Sometimes there are so many things to do that each activity has to be planned and timed so that it fits in, and does not interfere with another and all obligations are successfully addressed.

From time to time a problem arises here and there, which will probably need to occupy more of the time. For example, when there is a need to arrange a loan to organize finances, buy a car as well as a home, you can not just choose a last minute bank or financial institution. But how to do an effective research, which makes it possible to analyze important aspects of a loan or personal loan such as installments and repayment terms – when there is not much time available?

The answer is simple. Just use the internet to do Google searches and find banks and financial sites to simulate the values and timing of the intended operation. Nowadays, there are several financial institutions and banks that have pages in the internet and that offer tools for simulation of loans online.

Banco do Brasil offers on its website a simulator to compare Total Effective Cost (CET), which shows the actual costs of a financing, with that of other banks. To access this simulator, simply access and do the simulation in BB.


Real Estate Credit

Real Estate Credit

BM Sua Casa is a company specializing in real estate credit that also allows those interested in hiring their services to make a virtual simulation . Just access the simulator bm your home and fill in the data regarding the desired loan with the value, term and insurance company preferably.

Caixa Econômica Federal also has a loan simulator that gives you the option to choose the value of the loan or the loan, the product or the type of loan. The tool informs the value of the installment and the interest rate. We tested the cash simulation in a hypothetical situation of a payroll loan in the amount of R $ 500. In this case, the financing would be paid 12 times of R $ 46.33. The interest rate would be 1.67%, the value of the Tax on Financial Transactions (IOF), which is charged in the contracting of the service is R $ 6.10. The CET of this service would be 1.87% per month and 24.88% per year. Access the Box simulator here.

For those who want to look for a specific type of loan and do not know where to start, the tip is the Simulecred website. There, the internet user finds a payroll simulator , enough for the credit or financing data he wants to hire and receives information about a company, bank or financial institution that can offer good conditions according to his preferences. The Simulecred website does not provide loans, it only works by offering the simulator to companies that do so.

We remind that the result of the simulation serves only reference, it is up to the internaut to contact the suggested company and verify the services that it offers and the true values.