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Do you dream of traveling to Australia? Do you want to see kangaroos in the wild, surf on paradisiacal beaches and snorkel in the largest coral reef in the world?

In Sun Tours and Fun we give you all the practical information you need to explore Australia : travel guides, maps, tips and recommendations.

We know how difficult it is for travelers who want to organize the trip on their own to find quality information in Spanish, that is why we want to share our experience traveling through Australia with other travelers and thus help them organize their trip .

What our readers like best is that all of our articles are written from our personal experience living and traveling in Australia for over five years.

We invite you to discover our travel blog



We are Shine and Jose, we love to travel, we have lived in Sydney from 2013 to 2019 and we have used this wonderful city as a base camp to travel around Australia and the rest of the world.

Since we moved to Australia, we set out to make the most of our time Down Under , and we have done so. We have taken advantage of weekends, long weekends and vacations to explore Australia to the last corner. Also, every year we make at least one trip to a nearby place in the Pacific Islands or Asia. On our return to the United States we traveled through New Zealand, Hawaii and California for more than 2 months.

This travel blog is nothing more than a compilation of all our travel experiences and has the objective of compiling all that information and helping you to plan your trip to any of the destinations we have traveled. Or if you are one of those who are living in Australia, so that you take advantage of this information and make the most of your free time to visit this country, because as you may have already realized, Australia is a spectacular country.

What is Sun Tours and Fun?

If you have reached our travel blog it is because you are interested in knowing more about Australia and other exotic places such as Vanuatu, New Zealand, Myanmar or Bali.

We like to invest in original, different, interesting, active trips and always with some adventure.

We love to travel on our own, that's why we spend a lot of time organizing our trips and we collect a lot of photos and practical information that we then publish on the travel blog.

In the travel blog we want to share the experiences, photos and information that we collect from our trips so that they are useful and inspire other travelers.

We travel as a couple, but we also take the opportunity to travel as a family when we can and of course we love traveling with friends.

On this website you will find many photos, practical guides, impressive places, little tourist destinations, advice on what to see and what to visit in those places that we have visited and very useful content that will help you plan your own trip.


Time To Explore is primarily an Australian Travel Blog . We call Australia our home and have spent the last five years exploring this great island thoroughly.

We love traveling around Australia and that is why we make getaways almost every weekend and have traveled large areas of Australia by motorhome . We also organize several trips taking many internal flights and renting cars .

If traveling to Australia is your dream and you are planning a trip to Down Under you may find yourself with little information in Spanish to organize the trip on your own.

That is exactly what happened to us when we started traveling in Australia, it was very difficult for us to find updated information on places to visit in Australia.

In fact, we have to admit, that at first we fell into some traps visiting the most touristy places in Australia . Yes, we mean those typical touristy ones for which you pay a dough and then they are not worth it. We have even dubbed them Australian.

Australianada: A place that according to Australia Tourism and other travel agencies is beautiful, impressive, breathtaking, but the reality is that when you get there you are very disappointed.

We want to share all our experience traveling through Australia with you and we also want you to tell us what you have visited in Australia, what you have liked about the country and we would even love for you to share your photos with us. That is why we also created the Travel Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands Facebook Group , a travelers forum where you can ask for advice, find travel companions, post photos and start discussions.


Travel consulting

In addition, if you are determined to travel to Australia on your own and you do not have time to organize your trip or you do not know very well where to start we have created a Travel Consultancy to help you with all logistics of your trip. We help you buy the cheapest flights, choose the date that interests you most to travel, organize your route through Australia, create a personalized itinerary, find internal flights, rent a car or motorhome and choose your ideal hotel. And we will also help you when you are already in Australia.

Travel Guides, Tips, Routes, Itineraries and Recommendations

Main cities of Australia

We have also prepared travel guides and information for the most important Australian cities such as:

And much more about Australia

Australia is at a distance from the United States and South America of approximately 16,000 km . Almost nothing! And we know perfectly well that when you think of Australia a lot of doubts assail you: what Australia is like , time difference, what it will be like to fly to Australia, what is the traditional Australian food , what the temperature is and even what life is like in Australia ...

Yes, all those details that you do not consider on other trips come to your mind when you start dreaming of traveling to Australia . Don't worry, here we are going to share all the information and curiosities about Australia that you need to know for your trip.

Living and Working in Australia

Perhaps you are more interested in coming to Australia with a Work and Holiday Visa to work and travel at the same time, or you are thinking of coming to Australia to study English with a student visa, as we did.

If this is your case, we have also prepared a great guide on studying and working in Australia . We have been fortunate and we are delighted with our life in Australia, so we will also tell you the advantages of living in Australia.

To sum up, we are passionate about Australia and since our journey through this great country began, we have never ceased to be amazed by the beautiful Australian sunsets, the impressive beaches , its surf waves , the curious animals and its nature.

And yes, we are so tired with our Australian stories that we have thought about sharing them with all of you so that you can also enjoy a great experience in Australia. We are sure that in our travel blog you will find many reasons to travel to Australia.



Do you have other destinations in mind? We invite you then to take a look at the Other Countries section of our blog. Although Sun Tours and Fun was born as a blog about Australia, you are also going to find a travel blog around the world.

We have taken advantage of our stay in Australia to see other nearby places, whether in Oceania, Asia or the Pacific.

During these four years we have tried to organize original and exotic trips that would leave a bit of the traditional and more touristic destinations. Since we are in the other part of the world, how can we not enjoy such wonderful destinations as Southeast Asia or the Pacific Islands ?

This is the list of places we have visited so far:

Pacific islands

We have known Vanuatu , one of our favorite trips and a place that we recommend visiting every traveler. We have also spent a lot of time traveling through New Zealand and we really liked the country, so we plan to write many articles that will help you organize your trip. You can already find a section dedicated to New Zealand .

If you are planning a trip to Vanuatu, you may have already realized that there is very little information to travel to these islands in Spanish. The truth is that it took us a long time to organize our trip, that's why we wrote the Guide to Travel to Vanuatu , where you can find all the information you need to visit Vanuatu and not make the same mistakes we made.

If you've never heard of Vanuatu and you're still wondering, Where is Vanuatu? o Why Travel to Vanuatu? Don't wait a minute and go read our articles on Vanuatu because Mount Yasur is located on Tanna Island , the most accessible active volcano in the world.

If you like trips with some adventure, Vanuatu is a 100% recommended destination.


middle East

We really like to take advantage of the stopovers of our flights and thanks to them we have visited some countries in the Middle East such as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar

Travel blog United Arab Emirates Dubai
travel blog Doha, Qatar

In 2017 we were very lucky to do one of the trips that we have liked the most so far: Nepal and Bhutan . Knowing the Himalayas was without a doubt a unique experience.

In 2018 it got out of hand and taking advantage of the fact that we didn't have much time left in Australia we visited Japan , Bali and New Zealand .

This year we have already been to Hawaii and California and we have some European getaways planned. Let's see if we can find time to tell you everything soon on the blog.

From our travels around the world we created a guide with practical information, routes, tips, recommendations on what to see and what to visit, how to travel, hotel reviews ... and all based on the personal experience we have obtained during our trip.

The truth is that we are a little behind with the guides of our travels around the world and we have yet to publish some of them. If you are interested in knowing something about a country that we have visited, although we do not have any information published about that country, send us an email with any questions you may have, we will be happy to give you all the information we can about the country.

I don't know about you, but we are heavy taking photos and videos of our trips. You can find us on Instagram , Facebook and Pinterest , we try to be very active in all of them , for us they are like a forum, we learn a lot from other travelers.

If you have been to any of these countries or are going to travel soon and would like to share your experience with us, chat about the trip or ask us any questions, leave us a comment, we will be delighted to hear about your adventure and we will try to help you.


It is always important to look for the best price when you organize a trip. That way you can extend your trips and take excursions without breaking your budget, this is very important especially if you plan to spend a long time traveling.

We consider Tiempo de Exploring to be a blog for medium-budget trips , we like to indulge ourselves in some luxuries and in most cases we look for accommodations with amenities that allow us to make the most of the time we have and in the best possible way.

In these years of traveling so much we have learned some tricks to save money and we are going to share them all on the blog. You already know, if the trip is cheaper you can travel more. In fact you will find articles on Cheap Travel to Australia and Cheap Travel Australia .

If you also know any trick to find bargains and travel offers, do not hesitate to share it with us on our social networks: Instagram , Facebook and Pinterest or leave us your tips for cheap travel in the blog comments.

These are for the moment the tricks that you will find in the blog to travel cheap :

Cheap flights

travel cheap flights

To find the cheapest flights we recommend that you take a look at the Skyscanner article: Find the cheapest flights with this tutorial .

In this article Jose prepared a guide to show step by step how to find cheap flights.

As we have already told you, our specialty is Australia, so in the article Travel Cheap to Australia you will find a tutorial to get cheap flights to Australia.


Travel cheap accommodation

Finding cheap hotels and bargains can be a challenge in some places but there is always a solution:

  • Camping,
  • Hostels,
  • Motels,
  • Airbnb and
  • cheap hotels.

How and where you sleep will have a big impact on your trip budget, so you have to dedicate time to it when organizing the trip.

Travel insurance

travel insurance travel cheap

A fundamental point in any trip, because we always have to be insured. You never know what can happen.


Travel insurance not only covers in case of accident or illness, it also covers you in case of theft, as happened to us on our trip to Nepal where our camera was stolen, and also if you suffer cancellations or delays.

We never travel without travel insurance , we use affordable and reliable travel insurance that gives us peace of mind while we are enjoying our trip.

To save 5% on your travel insurance here we leave you a link to book the insurance with IATI , the insurance company that we use.

Car and caravan rental

cheap car rental

Car rental is essential on some trips, if you are going to travel to Australia or New Zealand you will surely need a car or motorhome.

To find the best car price, we recommend the Airport Rental Cars search engine and Motorhome Republic for motorhomes .

Both seek the best price among the best companies on the market.

Have you heard of Relocations?

Well, it is the cheapest way to travel a country, although you have to be flexible with the dates.

Some car and motorhome companies offer travelers to take a certain route in a previously stipulated time for a ridiculous price or even sometimes for free.

What do these companies earn? Instead of having to hire a driver or rent a truck to transport their vehicles to the place where they are needed, they simply offer the vehicle free to a traveler to transport it.

What does the traveler gain? For a ridiculous price or for free you can tour the country, yes, in the time stipulated by the company and sticking to the agreed departure and arrival points

Cheapest destinations to travel

cheap destinations to travel

In addition, in most of our articles and travel guides you will find a section called budget where we break down the expenses of our trip so that you can get an idea of ​​the prices in each of the destinations we visit.

Cheap getaways

getaways travel cheap

If like us you are living in Sydney then also going to you to interest the articles we write the e Scapadas do near Sydney to places like Blue Mountains , Royal National Park , Bouddi, Jervis Bay , The Farm , Central Coast and Port Stephens.

We do these getaways by road and we usually sleep in campsites or rent houses with friends, so they are not cheap enough.


Under construction 🙂

Are you passionate about travel? Do you love photography? Do you like to write? Then maybe you are thinking of creating a travel blog .

That just crossed our minds more than four years ago. We have always loved traveling, reading interesting blogs, getting sick of googling information about the places we are going to visit and sharing our experiences with other travelers, so we decided to write a travel blog and Sun Tours and Fun was born.

At first the Travel Blog was just a hobby to which we dedicate a weekend, but little by little we have gotten fully into this world and the truth is that we love it.


In our years living in Australia we took the opportunity to train a lot in digital marketing and now we are obtaining the fruits that we have reaped.

We have learned a lot by reading other blogs (in English and Spanish), investing in training and through tutorials and courses created by these bloggers.

This year we have decided to create a blog section dedicated to sharing our experience as travel bloggers:

  • Content ideas for blogs

  • Names for travel blog

  • Steps to create a travel blog

  • WordPress travel blog templates

  • How to make a free travel blog

  • What hosting and what domain to choose

  • Digital marketing tools

  • How many posts to write in a travel blog

  • How to make money with a travel blog.

  • What are the best travel blogs in Spanish , which you should keep track of to keep learning.

  • And more useful information that comes to mind along the way ...

We are learning through study - trial - error - adjustment - we repeat . So we are going to take advantage of our mistakes to share what we have learned with you and contribute something more to this blogging community.

And most important of all, we have created this travel blog to help you and other travelers plan, organize and enjoy your trip to the fullest, so don't be shy about commenting on the articles, sending us emails and saturating us with travel questions because if there's one thing we love to talk about, it's traveling.

Welcome to Sun Tours and Fun!


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